September 28, 2017

10 Tips to Look Good in Travel Photos

Certain things are just inevitabilities of travelling – a failure to pack a full complement of clothing and mixing and matching outfits just to get by, looking sunburnt and windswept, and taking photos of everything and everywhere you go. Whether you choose to send them directly to friends, splash them on social media, or you just want to look back on fond memories – you want to look good in those pictures. I mean, how else am I supposed to make everyone jealous of my awesome travels if I don't look great in every snap? Check out these 10 tips to look good in every travel photo you take.

1. That Twisted Torso 
Worried about showing off your paunch? Work that twisted torso pose – even Hollywood stars do it all the time. Simply put your shoulder forward and give your body a little twist to perfect the sideways pose. You'll look super slender. 

2. Lip Gloss 
You're on holiday so there's a good chance you left the majority of your make-up at home and you're rocking the simple look. Good, that's what you should be doing – holidays are made for relaxing! However, carry a berry coloured lip gloss to ensure you get a pop in every picture. 

3. Before You Drink 
Okay, a couple of pictures with a drink in your hand are basically obligatory. Make sure you snap that pose before you indulge, though, because you don't want pictures with you showing off rosy cheeks and droopy eyed. Take your photos early in your evening and put the camera away once you've enjoyed a drink or three. 

4. Angles 
Are you desperate to get some great pictures in front of a certain statute, building, or structure? Have the picture taker capture the perfect angle by angling the shot upwards. The perfect way to achieve this is by having the camera just a couple of feet off the ground and angled up. It will capture the full sight behind you and elongate your body, too. Winner! 

5. Self-Timer
You finally have a hot spot to yourself and it's picture perfect, yet no one is on hand to take a picture. That's what the self-timer is for and it might be just the thing to capture the perfect picture imaginable. Use a ledge, shelf, tree stump, or wall to sit your camera on and set the timer to capture your perfect pose exactly as you'd imagined it. Bonus points if you travel with a mini tripod to always capture the best shots. 

6. Complementary Backgrounds 
When you're wearing blue and the sun is shining in a great blue sky it's the perfect opportunity for a killer photo. Always choose a background that is complementary to your outfit – it's always going to improve the aesthetic of the shot and also elevate your personal look. 

7. Laugh 
There's nothing worse than being that person with eyes closed and a strange grimace on your face when you go back and look at all the pictures that have been captured. It can be difficult to hold a smile for any period of time, but you can beat that and get a great shot of you smiling by laughing. So, laugh out loud when you're having your picture taken and see just how amazing the resulting pictures will be. If you just can't do it then say money as you pose, it's more efficient at making you look like you're smiling in a photo than the word cheese. 

8. A Video 
Rather than struggling to get the perfect photo why not capture a short video and go through it to find the perfect still. It's certainly easier than standing for multiple shots that don't seem to be going right. 

9. Giraffe Neck 
When you set your pose stick your face out just a touch to elongate your neck – you might feel stupid while you're doing it but when you look at that photo and see how much thinner your face looks you'll walk around with a giraffe neck 24/7. 

10. Sunset
Who doesn't love a good sunset shot? It doesn't need to be the view, though, put yourself in that photo. You might be surprised to learn that the lighting at sunset is incredibly flattering – it hides bags under your eyes and shaves the years off to make you look younger. So, sure, take a picture of the scenery, but then jump in and get yourself in there. 

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