September 14, 2017

Casual Dresses and Work Days

It's just the middle of the week but I'm already tired as hell and already bat-shit crazy wishing that the weekend can please come soon. It's not a good week for a start, because of two typhoons hitting the Philippines. It was raining so hard, not much transportation are available and the traffic is at its worst.

During times like this, I can get really grumpy. I can't stand the rain and never liked it anyway. Also I always get torn on what to wear to work if it's raining hard. At work, from Mondays to Thursdays we are expected to wear smart casuals and only allowed to dress down on Fridays or weekends (if one's shift falls on a weekend).

But since it is raining, I have this dilemma of either to wear trousers/jeans or casual dresses. I easily get cold so as much as possible I always wear something that would keep me warm throughout the day, thus I end up wearing pants. But when it's raining, and the fact that I commute to work, wearing pants can get annoying if my bottoms get wet. And that's the usual case even if I bring with me a super-sized umbrella. 

Now wearing a dress if it's raining has its pros and cons. It's easier to move around in a dress, it doesn't get easily wet when you're walking. But your legs get wet and it doesn't protect me from getting cold. So what I do whenever I decide to wear a dress and will brave the pouring rain, I wear footwear that id appropriate for the weather and won't worry me if they'll get destroyed if they get wet or soaked in water. I also just dry my legs and feet at the office comfort room before going inside the work area. And lastly I bring a shawl to put over my legs so I don't get cold even if the office AC is on. 

As much as I want to dress up every day, sometimes I choose to be more casual and less made up during days when it's raining and humid. I still veer towards comfort over appearance. Comes with age I guess. Anyhoo, I’ve put up some dresses from Rosegal  in here that I think would be still work appropriate especially you put on a blazer or jacket over them and not get a memo from HR for violating the company dress code. 

To lighten up the day or days that has passed (more for me at least), in case you want any of the dresses featured here, or you want some new clothes, why not take a look over here? I mean at Rosegal because a summer sale is ongoing, all are 33% off. Use code RGEN for another 10% off! 

Time for a new outfit! Surprise code: RGEN

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