September 6, 2017

Who Run The World? Girls in High Heels!

There's a popular saying that goes like this: "Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world." And that was uttered by  one of the most iconic women in the world - Marilyn Monroe. Do you believe that? I'd say I do. The perfect shoes gives a woman that confidence boost. It's hard walking around in stiletto heels but if a girl can manage to walk in those shoes the whole day even if it can get a bit painful, the fact that she can endure that, I think she can handle anything that is thrown in her way. 

Some might say, "yeah those are just high-heeled shoes". Here's what I have to say about that: "Oh yeah? Try walking in them then let's see. Just heels eh?" I've seen a lot of videos online where mem tried wearing heels over a day and they can't even last for hours. Some even say they commend women for being able to wear them for hours on end and days. Some also goes as far as asking why do we women subject ourselves to such things.

My answer? Because women are fierce, unstoppable, brave, resilient and on top of that, fashion-forward. Put a woman, who rarely wear heels, in such shoes and you'll see a big difference in their appearance and attitude. You know what's more fierce? Leopard print shoes!!! Very animalistic yet empowering in a sense that one is brave enough to sport one. Not many women has the courage to wear such attention-grabbing pair of shoes. Some might think they are too much and quite loud. I actually have one but I rarely use them because I can't commute to work wearing heels, maybe during events I'll wear them.

Any plain outfit would be a good pair with leopard print shoes. It puts an exclamation point into your ensemble like other statement shoes, jewelry or bag. I’ve seen fashion bloggers sporting this get-up and it totally looks chic. 

From everyday events to special occasions, consider leopard heels to refresh your look. If you want to get all dressed up or take your day look to an evening look. A pair of these shoes  would be perfect. Be sure to keep the rest of your ensemble simple and chic. Or be bold in a solid dress in a vivid color, a little animal print is always welcome.You can check out FSJ Shoes for the featured shoes in this article and more leopard print footwear too.

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