September 20, 2017

SammyDress Haul 3 + Review

Retail therapy is a girl's best friend, besides diamonds (doesn't apply to me that much but it sounds nice to write or say it hehe). When I'm burned out but I can't escape the real world and go travel, this is somewhat my default stress reliever. Whether I'm browsing through the store racks or online and whether I'm buying stuff or not, just looking through pretty stuff, I think the stress is somehow lessened.

Don't get me wrong or judge me by the get go. I am not materialistic nor is my entire pay check being spend on stuff. It what it is, after all, I am just a girl. Looking at a dress wishing it will fit me and magically become mine. Haha! Anyway, here today sharing with you all my latest haul from Sammydress. Technically this is not a haul, "haul"; as I bought these pieces on separate occasions. They just arrived almost at the same time. So I thought I'll just review them all as if they're from one order. 

If you're not familiar with this brand that I often visit, is an online store which offers merchandise at a much lower price compared to some of the other clothing websites that I usually visit. Their site is easy to browse and navigate. They do have a lot of choices for each categories and customer service was pretty fantastic because they email you right away if one of the items in your order is not available. The only downfall that I see about shopping online is the shipping time, it took my package to arrive 30+ days after completing the order. Although I can't blame that on Sammydress because the problem really, is my country's ancient way of doing postal service.  Sammydress offers expedited or express shipping, but that would have cost me more. I'm patient anyway so the regular shipping method was fine with me. 

Floral Embroidered Front Knot Blouse 
Color: Black / Size: Large / Material: Cotton Blends / Sleeve Length: Three Quarter / Collar: Round 

I put this on my cart on a whim but with the notion that I don't have enough comfy, easy-to-wear blouse for work. I mean there are times when I just don't feel like thinking so much about what I will wear to work but still I don't want to look overly casual. This blouse is perfect for those days as this doesn’t need much ironing and I can just throw it on me and I’m out the door. 

I love the lightweight and flowy fabric that was used for this blouse. It has the right kind of sheerness in it. The best aspect of the blouse are the embroidery details on the collar area and at the edge of the sleeves. The front knot is kinda weird because you might think that it draws attention towards the tummy area, but surprising, it kinda works. As for the sizing, the blouse is made to be a bit loose and that's how it is on me. But just the right type of looseness, not too much baggy. 

Beads Embellished Irregular Hem Sleeveless Sequins Club Dress 
Color: Black / Size: Medium / Material: Polyester / Silhouette: Sheath / Dresses Length: Mid-Calf / Neckline: Round Collar / Sleeve Length: Sleeveless / Embellishment: Sequins

Love this dress! I’ve been eyeing this dress for some time now. I don't really have an event to wear this dress at the moment but this is so 1920s that I want it so much. I thought to myself I probably need to get it anyway just in case I have a Great Gatsby themed party to attend to and I don't have to worry or think about what I will wear. 

This is about to sold out and only a few sizes and pieces left. Knowing that items from China tends to be a little smaller I usually order one size up. But since this is only available in small and medium, I risked buying the medium. Thank goodness it fitted me well still. I was afraid it was gonna be small. The sequins are beautiful and no broken ones. It has a lining too by the way. The design is beautiful and the gold, black and silver combo looks elegant. I also love that the front and back designs are different. Love this dress to bits!

Moon Geometric Gypsy Finger Ring Set
Color: Silver / Gender: For Women / Metal Type: Alloy  / Style: Classic / Shape/Pattern: Moon 

I'm currently addicted to these bohemian looking rings. I like the silver and blue combo. The rings look nice but the blue parts are not stones but plastic, but it's ok. The description on the website says they are made if alloy, I hope that's true and not just some hard plastic like some of the rings that I bought online. All of them fit my fingers and they're quite pretty when worn. 

Puff Sleeve Floral Print Dress
Color: White -/ Size: XL / Material: Polyester  /  Silhouette: Shift  / Dresses Length: Mini  / Neckline: Round Collar / Sleeve Length: Half Sleeves / Pattern Type: Floral 

This dress is the least that I like in this haul. I thought the design is embroidered but it's only printed. The material used is also made of nylonish fabric and kinda sheer. I will have to use a camisole underneath it. The sizing is also off, this was too large for me. I bought this is in XL just to be sure it isn’t small because like I said China made clothes run small. But this is way too large, I should have gotten a medium or a large. Not my favorite dress though. I might just give this away if I won’t be able to sew/alter it to fit me.

All in all this was an ok haul, I like most of what I got from Sammydress this time. Fancy anything from this haul? You can check out these items by clicking on the links below: 

>> Beads Embellished Irregular Hem Sleeveless Sequins Club Dress

>> Floral Embroidered Front Knot Blouse 
>> Moon Geometric Gypsy Finger Ring Set

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  1. Ang ganda nung shining shimmering splendid! Ha Ha Ha! Saka yung last dress!

    1. mas maganda siya in person lol, di konga lang alamkelan ko gagamitin hehe


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