September 7, 2017 Haul # 2 + Review

I was sad, then I bought something online. I feel better now. Just kidding haha! I just read that quote somewhere online. But seriously, though I hate to admit it, but retail therapy is one of the things that I do when I feel under the weather. Most girls are like that, and I am not spared. Even if I don't buy anything, I like to browse online stores or go window shopping at malls. 

So to break my streak of posting food posts, I'm sharing with y'all my latest online clothing haul. This time, it's from I always visited this site and browsed through it, yet I have made only two purchases or orders from them. They are one of the online stores that offers the cheapest items. So far I have good shopping experience from Dresslily. Shipping is as per usual the usual post office way and takes almost a month to get to me. Oh well, what can I do, the Philippine postal system somehow upgraded their system but they're still archaic in most processes. 

DressLily is one of the leading international online fashion clothing and accessory stores. They focus on the very latest in affordable fashion styles, both apparel and accessories; they feature thousands of the newest product lines, providing maximum choice and convenience to their clientele. With a world of styles and thousands of products at your fingertips at great prices, with DressLily, your purse will love you as much as your wardrobe.

For this haul, I got mostly accessories and not apparel items. So here's my haul:

Punk Anchor Rope Chain Wrap Bracelet
Item Type: Wrap Bracelet  /  Chain Type: Rope Cord / Shape/Pattern: Anchor / Length: 58cm

I already have several cord anchor bracelets and this is actually just an order filler. But I since I recently broke my blue one, I was glad I was able to stumble upon this while browsing the Dresslily website. It came wrapped in a plastic pack. The cord was a bit shiny but tolerable. The closures were not as finely done as I would have expected them to be that it's OK I can remedy that. 

The cord, when I twist it around my wrist doesn't wrap snugly, so I shorten it a bit so it doesn't sit loose when I wear it. These types of bracelets should have a good grip around the wrist, not too loose so it doesn't gets misplaced, especially the anchor. As for the material of the anchor, it doesn't say on the website what it is made of. I hope it is made of stainless steel, because the first few bracelets that I had just like this one is made of a hard type of plastic or fiber glass instead of metal or alloy. As for now, I couldn't tell if it is. The anchor is also gold and not bronze like that of the photo above which is from the website. 

Bead Semicircle Tasseled Earrings
Earring Type: Drop Earrings  /  Metal Type: Alloy  /  Shape/Pattern: Tassel Design

The moment I laid my eyes on these earnings, I knew i got to have them. tassel earrings are super in trend nowadays; you can see them almost everywhere. What I like about these tassel earrings are that they are different from what you would usually online or in stores. I can't really put my finger on it, if this tribal or bohemian. All I know is that they are super pretty. 

The quality is superb! When I was looking at these online, I thought the semi-circle part that holds the tassels were made of some shiny leather material, but they were actually made of faux gold metals. That made these earrings even more beautiful and expensive-looking. The density of the tassel is also just right, not too thick nor sparse. 

They are just the perfect size and length that you can always use it for any given day and will work well with any outfit. Another thing that I like about it is that they came with metal earring back closures and not silicone.I'm so excited to use them and a very good buy!

Punk Rhinestone Crescent Ring
Gender: For Women  /  Style: Trendy  /  Shape/Pattern: Moon  /  Diameter: 1.7cm

This was another order filler but I'm so glad I added this ring to my cart. I wasn't expecting too much of this ring, but I was so surprised when it arrived. It is of super good quality, no missing stones, well-made and super beautiful. It looks like a vintage heirloom ring because of the bronze and worn-out effects. The faux stones are shiny and almost looks real. 

I like that it is made of solid metal especially the band part which makes it looks posh and lavish. It's a bit heavier too than all of my fancy rings. It fits my middle finger like a glove and I now this will be one of my best statement rings ever. Super nice and definitely a great buy for its price. 

Trendy Magnetic Closure and Zippers Design Women's Tote Bag
Handbag Type: Totes  /  Style: Casual  /  Handbag Size: Medium (30-50cm) /  Closure Type: No Zipper /  Main Material: PU Leather / Size: 33 x 17 x 30cm / Strap Length: 16 cm 

I was torn between getting a polka dot dress or this bag, but the bag won me over. This is actually the main purchase for this haul, all the other items (except for the tassel earrings) were merely order-fillers. I love the bag the moment I saw it on Dresslily's website. I already saw this from another site, but it was out of stock there. You can't imagine how glad I was when I saw that Dresslily had this too, so it went straight to my shopping cart. 

It is huge and super roomy! Exactly the same dimensions as mentioned in the website. It has a free purse where you can out your coins and other knickknacks. The material used is some kind of synthetic pebbled leather. It doesn't look thick like the the material of the bag in the photo on the website, but it looks sturdy and good enough. The inside is not at all lined, but it is well-made and the sewing is impeccable. 

The closure is a magnet type and the zippers are just for decorative purposes. I love how unique the design of this bag is, I haven't seen anything like it in stores. It comes with a strap, and I hope it's sturdy enough to hold all my daily stuff that I bring with me. But you can't use it as a shoulder bag as the handles are short. It's more of a sling/cross-body and hand bag. I love it so much, one of my best purchases when it comes to bags. 

Here's more photos of the bag, more details:

This one online store haul that I am very much pleased about. I really like 3 of the 4 items that I got, especially because of how the items are of very good quality and make. I got lucky this time. If you're interested in any of these items you can check them out by clicking the links below: 

>> Punk Anchor Rope Chain Wrap Bracelet
>> Punk Rhinestone Crescent Ring

>> Bead Semicircle Tasseled Earrings
>> Trendy Magnetic Closure and Zippers Design Women's Tote Bag

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