June 9, 2018

The Hottest Fashion Trends of 2018 According to Pinterest

When it comes to getting the skinny on the latest fashion trends, we generally have a knee-jerk tendency to turn to either the runways, Instagram or our favorite fashion blogs. Therefore, we are frequently oblivious to the fact that Pinterest is a platform that is a beacon of inspiration for a great number of things, fashion included. We love this platform, we love creating vision boards and pinning the looks we deem most appealing, and when all these pins are gathered we get a truly extensive and comprehensive representation of the trends that real women are fond of and would love to rock in the given year.

So, for all the real women out there, we have combed the style sections of Pinterest in order to bring you some of the most coveted trends and garments of the year, and we are quite certain that most of them will lure you into scouting for those items and clicking the ‘add to cart’ button as soon as you’re done reading, so enjoy and then shop away!

Accessories come first 
There is no need to state the importance of accessories – they’re the glue that holds the entire group that is an outfit together and gives people insight into just how attentive to details we are, and essentially whether we have good taste or not. Well, since the number of pins for ‘structured statement earrings’ have gone up a whopping 947 percent, it’s safe to say that, while statement necklaces are out, geometrical, large and structured earrings could not be more in. 

Not a great surprise 
This is one of those times when fashion bloggers, runways and Pinterest seem to have reached a consensus, and this one is regarding pants. The absolute hottest, with no close second, are wide-leg pants and culottes. We’ve seen them on Instagram and the runways, but the 213 percent increase in Pinterest saves speaks volumes of just how beloved these pants are. The exact color hasn’t been narrowed down, but given that both the prime colors, pastels and checkered prints are in their prime (pun intended), make sure you snag something from this color/pattern family, although a classic floral print is never a mistake. 

It wouldn’t be summer without them
We’ll get to dresses soon enough, but we’re here to talk about the rise in popularity of cute and stylish skirts. Now, a variety of them has gained equal love from Pinterest lovers, but the most sought-after are the soft and stretchy high-rise pencil skirts. We can’t say this with certainty, but we have a sneaking suspicion that Kim Kardashian and her nude and grey skirts had something to do with this. In any case, we are definitely on board, especially since they allow everyone to show off their curves and even create an illusion of a smaller waist, and who wouldn’t want that?

Tiny and necessary 
Soft printed playsuit has never dwindled in terms of popularity – it is and will forever be a summer staple. You can wear one with sneakers and a checkered blazer for that cool and dressy casual look, or go for the French Riviera style and pair it with the light sandals.

Can’t put our finger on it
It seems that when it comes to dresses, it’s difficult to ‘pin down’ the most coveted ones. The prom and wedding season is here so glamorous ball gowns have completely taken over. Still, we have managed to reach at least some sort of conclusion and that is that cocktail dresses of different lengths and cuts are definitely Pinterest’s favorites, and that pastel hues and lace rule all. 

Bow down
In the arena of bags, although few of these (aside from a couple at the resort collections) have made it to the runways, the woven beach bags and the insanely trendy round rattan bags have spiked in popularity. It seems that every fashionista, regardless of whether she fosters a boho, minimal or casual style, is snagging her most favorite version of the woven bag. So make sure you get yours, because we have sixth sense about this and it’s telling us that this bag will be out of style as soon as the first leaf hits the ground.

The grand return 
Just when millennials proclaimed the death of the logo, it somehow managed to come back to life. The two most prominent logo-filled items are tops of different varieties – from tees and hoodies to chic blouses, and shoes, mainly loafers and mules – which are, after all, the shoe of the season. If you can afford it and if logomania has always been your thing, now is your time to show it all off again. 

Little cuties and style enhancers 
This, again, comes as no surprise, but we can’t help but love the socks-with-sandals trend, especially when someone does it so well. Some people choose contrasting colors, some use embellished and bejeweled socks, and others just go with the eternally lovely polka dots. This is what we need this summer to spice things up in the footwear arena. Loafers may be Pinterest’s hottest trends, but summer gals will not be giving up on their platform sandals and wedges, so this is a great opportunity to elevate this look and give it even more flair. 

Guest Post by: Sophia Smith

Sophia is a beauty and style blogger and eco-lifestyle lover. She is very passionate about natural  skincare, yoga and mindful living. Over the years she wrote pieces for: Eco Warrior Princess, How to Simplify, Urban Naturale, Viva Glam Magazine, Art of Healthy Living and Oh My Heartsie Girl. You can find out more about her writing following her on: Facebook  Twitter  Google + 

Thanks a lot for this article Sophia!

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