June 28, 2018

How to Host a Ladies’ Night In

The world can appear to be big and threatening from time to time, especially when you feel overwhelmed with the sheer number of obligations and daily problems you have to solve. This is when one simply needs a quality girls’ night in filled with comfortable banter and easygoing fun. It can be a way more convenient solution than going out or traveling to far distant places, especially when you need to recuperate some energy. If you feel as if such a private event is right down your alley right now, here’s how to host a ladies’ night in.


Set it up, space it out 
Every preparation for the girls’ night in begins with setting up the space. Make sure you have the “seating power” you need around the singular table where most of the chow and drinks will end up. If you have a bar in your apartment, leave most of the food and bottles on it, but if you don’t, the kitchen will suffice. 

Remember – you are not organizing a formal dinner, so the consumables don’t need to be laid out on the “party” table; your girlfriends should feel comfortable enough in your apartment to serve themselves and place what they’ve chosen on the table themselves. Of course, this is not where setting up the space ends. If you are not exactly sure where the ladies’ night in might end up, clear up some extra space that can serve as a potential dancing podium. 

Create a playlist 
If you are inviting your girlfriends for the night in, you probably know their general taste in music. According to this, create a playlist of the songs that they’ll likely respond to. However, make sure the mood is consistent. If you want this to spiral out into a party, create a list of disco hits. If you want a more relaxed night rife with conversations, you can either make a list or turn on one of YouTube’s countless live channels that play relaxing lounge music 24/7. In fact, it might be prudent to have several lists at your disposal so you can switch them up if the mood changes as the night goes on.

A gourmet adventure 
You cannot cope with any crisis with an empty stomach. Turn your party into a gourmet adventure by whipping out an assortment of interesting nibbles. Of course, you’ll have to play to your audience – some of your girlfriends might be vegan, others are lactose intolerant and a surprising number of them simply don’t like fish. In such situations, you are often pressed for time, so luckily you can always opt for ready meals from Brisbane that uses locally-sourced quality produce to create an assembly of fresh and tasteful meals to order. Just make sure to send a chain email to ask your girlfriends for an input when it comes to food and you are golden!

Binge-watch worthy
Countless channels, overwhelming choices and trash TV – the factors you can take into consideration are endless, but if you and your girlfriends are in the mood for a relaxing night in, find something binge-watch worthy that can simply go on in the background. This can be a trashy reality show if you guys want something to throw a few comments at as other conversations transpire, or it can be a truly attention-grabbing show or a list of campy movies. If you are unsure where to look or what to choose, you can always turn to the internet for advice on the matter.

Makeup station
It sounds a bit crass and glib, but grooming is an activity that is just as important (and relaxing) for people as it is for other primates. If you are particularly nervous or down, you can invite friends to talk it over as the night unfolds and spread out a bona fide makeup station so you can “groom” each other as the conversation heats up. The longer you do it, the more “automated” the activity will become as you’ll actually concentrate on the conversation at hand. Interestingly enough, the end results can actually be pretty interesting and creative. 


Setting a stage for a ladies’ night in is actually not as hard as it might appear if you know your friends well (and vice versa). In fact, sometimes you don’t have to do anything – if you “push the SOS button” and invite your friends, they will probably do half the job for you as they’ll probably realize it is a ripe time for a bit of R&R. Just put the “No Boys Allowed” sign on the door and kick back with your girlfriends to get your moods up. Sometimes, this is absolutely everything a woman needs to feel rejuvenated in this vast world. 

Guest Post by: Olivia Jones

Olivia is psychologist and entrepreneur from Brisbane. Mother of two beautiful children and proud owner of two silly boxer dogs. She is passionate writer, a traveler and conscious consumer, seeking healthy and sustainable products to incorporate into the lives of her family. Her motto is “Be the change you want to see in the world”. Her social media sites are: Twitter ,   Facebook 

Thanks a lot for this article Olivia !

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