June 13, 2018

Why the Algarve Should Be Your Next Summer Destination

When we’re choosing our next holiday destination, it’s really important to us that it’s good. After all, most of us only get one holiday a year and nobody wants to waste their holiday days on a destination with no good food, bad entertainment, or worse – both. Of course, there are plenty of hidden gems about that are desperate to be explored, and we shouldn’t ignore them. There’s something to be said for not following the crowd, after all! But for when you’re looking for a failsafe option, it can sometimes be easier to follow in others’ footsteps. 

The Algarve is a popular holiday destination, and surely with good reason! From the weather and food to the entertainment, it has plenty to offer and this beautiful area is well worth a visit. And, like so many other holidaymakers, you might even find it’s worth a repeat visit or three. Here’s why:

Beautiful Beaches
The Algarve is home to over 150 beaches, so you’ll have your pick of sunbathing options. Deciding between endless sand, gorgeous lagoons, and stunning cliffs will seem like an impossible choice, but it’s one that few are likely to complain about! If you love a little peace and quiet, the beaches on the northwest and southeast coasts are your best bet. But if hustle and bustle is more your thing, opt for beaches around the centre south of the Algarve instead.

Sensational Sights
There’s a lot to be seen in the Algarve, with plenty of breath-taking sights and perfect photo opportunities. Explore the stunning cliffs in Sagres and Lagos, or just take a visit to a local beach, where the clear waters and white sand are enough for anyone to feast their eyes on. Visit Pêra to check out the mind-blowing sand sculptures, which make it the biggest event of its kind in the world. Or, for something that both kids and adults alike will love, take a boat trip out to the caves to catch a glimpse of whales and dolphins – certainly sights to remember!

Wondrous Weather
When the sun’s shining all year round, the Algarve is hard to argue with! With gorgeous sunny weather through the obvious summer months, due to the area’s southern location, a cool breeze from the Atlantic Ocean often helps to temper the high heats. This beautiful climate still offers some warmth during the winter, making this place ideal for those seeking to escape the winter blues. 

Awesome Accommodation
Accommodation in the Algarve is plentiful and quality, catering to a fairly wide demographic. Everyone from party-loving couples to relaxation-seeking families are welcome here, and it’s well-reflected in the local accommodation options. You’ll find plenty of hotels with brilliant sports centres and leisure facilities, as well as children’s clubs and kid-friendly pools. You won’t be stuck for options, that’s for sure.

Fantastic Food
As you might expect from the Portuguese coast, fish and seafood are in abundance. The local fishing industry means plenty of fish markets, and if you’re lucky, you might find a restaurant where your meal was caught the same day. Try traditional Portuguese dishes such as cataplana or bacalhau or, if fish and seafood aren’t your thing, look for frango assado on the menu, which is spicy piri piri chicken. And don’t worry about the kids either – there are plenty of options for the little ones with limited palates!

Endless Entertainment
No matter what your hobbies and interests, there’s endless choice when it comes to keeping you entertained. Active holidaymakers can take their pick from rafting, surfing, and more, whilst avid golfers will enjoy themselves too, with 42 local golf courses to choose from. Culture lovers can visit museums, churches, and castles – don’t miss Silves Castle. If you’re feeling adventurous, visit a coastal cave or two; Benagil Cave is a pretty cave to explore, and reachable by kayak and a short swim. Party-goers will love the nightlife, for which Albufeira and Vilamoura are great options.

Wonderful Wine
If you’re a big wine lover, there’s plenty in the Algarve to quench your thirst. Spend a day at one of the local wineries, which offer tours and tasting days to while away your time. Choose from the likes of the Quinta do Frances in Silves, the Monte de Casteleja in Lagos, and the Adega do Cantor in Albufeira. These are just a few – you’re truly spoilt for choice out here!

Kid-Friendly Culture
The Algarve is visited by many different types of people, from honeymooning couples to young families. But those with kids can be sure there are plenty of things for their children to do, as the Algarve caters for them with ease. Check out the local waterparks, such as Aqualand in Alcantarillha with its 120-foot slide, for a fun day out. When it comes to catering to children’s appetites, the Algarve has that down to a fine art too. Most restaurants here are more than used to catering to little ones and will offer a kids’ menu with standard kiddie fare.

Guest Post by: Rebecca Brown 

Rebecca is a translator and traveller, mostly suffering from jet lag and an endless thirst to see more of the world. You can read more of her exploits at RoughDraft

Thanks a lot for this article Rebecca!

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