January 8, 2022

Biggest Interior Design Trends to Lean on in 2022

According to designers, 2022 will be a super fun year. Interior design always blesses us with some new ideas, and this year, we can expect a few surprises to shake things up. If you’re planning a bigger renovation of your home or just want to freshen things up a bit, here are a few trends that won’t let you down:


Colorful kitchens
We’ve long lived shrouded by insecurity and fear, but today, we can feel the hope emerging. These positive feelings can also be seen in our home design, with brighter colors and bolder accessories. Our newfound love of color also found its place in the modern kitchen of 2022. No longer limited to white or gray, kitchens of today can enjoy a broader color palette, colorful appliances and interesting accessories and backsplashes.

The color green
If you follow fashion predictions for 2022, you know that green is color to keep an eye on. Well, the same goes for interior design. People all around the world crave the connection with nature, and for many, the only way to nurture that bond is to introduce green color to their homes. We can expect to see the color green find its spot in our homes through painted walls, statement furniture, greenery and carpets. Green velvet sofas or gentle and relaxing olive walls combined with handmade jute rugs leave an amazing impression in every home.


Textural rugs
As mentioned above, natural elements will be all over our homes in 2022. One great way to boost both the comfort and interest in your space is to enrich it with some softness and texture with rugs. But not just any rugs—you need to think natural, sustainable and fair-trade (remember these phrases for the future). Wool and jute are two amazing materials that are green, eco-friendly yet beautiful. Manufacturers from New Zealand are famous for their hand-woven natural rugs, so don’t hesitate to look into the offer of organic rugs in NZ and find something that will maintain your aesthetic while also staying true to your lifestyle. Make sure you invest in something textural, interesting and soft and it will perfectly fit in with the rest of your furniture and the following 2022 trends.

Interesting lighting solutions
How do you highlight your pretty architecture and art and add more interest to your home in one go? With statement lighting! In 2022, we can expect more focus on sculptural pendants, elaborate sconces and large freestanding lamps. For instance, according to statistics, 70s-inspired statement lighting has already received an over 300% increase in hits on Etsy, and keywords like ‘vintage lighting’ and ‘decorative lighting’ are also getting more attention.


Bedrooms for deep sleep
Our bedrooms offer more escape from stress than ever before. In 2022, we will see a trend that moves towards simple bedrooms without clutter and distractions so we can enjoy deep sleep and achieve proper rest and relaxation. Think whatever will improve your quality of sleep such as quality bedding, lux mattresses, blackout curtains and air conditioning. If you’re not a very organized and neat person, you can force yourself to become one by investing in small nightstands that will leave you with just enough room for a lamp, a book and a glass of water, preventing the accumulation of clutter.

DIY and upcycling
With more time on our hands and more awareness about pollution and waste, people are taking up DIY to create a beautiful and mindful home in 2022. This trend of upcycling and DIY is going from making outdoor furniture from palettes to creating stunning artwork from old clothes. Taking an old piece of furniture, painting it and customizing the hardware will not only minimize waste but also freshen up.


Multifunctional rooms
Since we spend more time at home today than ever before, our homes need to serve different purposes. And since not all of us are blessed to live in a mention, regular folks need to come up with solutions that will make our small rooms multifunctional.  For instance, a mixture of a home office and home gym is a great one, but you can also combine an office with a playroom for kids or designate a corner in your living room to use for work.

Redesign your place with these interesting design points in mind and you will get to enjoy a whole new perspective in 2022. Make your environment happy and bright and you will enjoy similar vibes in your life.

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