January 29, 2022

Eco-Friendly Fitness Regimen 101

Working out is great for your physical and mental health. On top of that, staying physically active will allow you to feel better look better, and perform better at work. Did you know that you can also enrich your fitness regimen by making it more sustainable? From breaking a sweat at home to investing in eco-friendly gym wear, we bring you top tips on how to start your eco-friendly fitness journey.


Break a sweat at home
Going to the gym has become riskier now than before, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Aside from virus spread reasons, working out at home is also an eco-friendlier way to stay physically active. You’re not driving to the gym, so you’ll reduce your carbon footprint. You can subscribe to many online fitness programs that will help you keep up with your body's needs and work out properly. Whether you'll be doing yoga in your living room or adapting the garage to a home gym, working out at home will be a more sustainable option either way.

Invest in sustainable gym wear
Have you been paying attention to the brands of your sportswear? Are they sustainable or not? Investing in eco-friendly clothing will also be an invaluable step in your new fitness regimen that aims to be eco-friendlier. Many brands use recycled water bottles to create their products, while others will reduce waste and energy usage too while producing their functional gym wear. All you need to do is do your research and support sustainable brands.


Take the gym outdoors
Enjoying the fresh air has never been more important. Spending time outdoors will be good for your physical and mental health, so start doing your push-ups and lunges outside. Unplug your electronic gym equipment, visit the nearest park, enjoy the sound of the birds singing and the light breeze on your skin as you pump that iron.  Make sure you plan for enough time to recover and take regular breaks between exercises. Considering exercises can be too strenuous for your body, having a lightweight muscle massager that you can bring with you will be a good idea. It will help ease the discomfort while making you ready to continue the workout.

Recycle after you wear it
Once your gym wear has done its fair share, you should recycle it. Don't just dispose of it in the general trash, but make sure it's recycled so that it can serve to reproduce new gym wear. Donate your running shoes, tops, and leggings to brands that will gladly collect used wardrobe and put them to good use by making basketball courts, tracks, and playground surfaces. If your clothes are still wearable, but you got tired of them, sell them instead of throwing them out.


Go green on your commute
Are you trying to make your trip to work more fitness-oriented and more sustainable? No problem. All you have to do is start cycling to work. By that, we don’t mean using an electric bike, but a good old-fashioned bicycle that will require you to cycle, in order to reach your destination. Not only will you save the money and gas on the commute, but you’ll also keep that body fit and vigorous. If your office offers facilities where you can freshen up before work, consider even jogging to work for the ultimate zero-carbon fitness regimen. Walking to and from work is another convenient option that will be beneficial for your health and the planet.

Get eco-friendly fitness equipment
Aside from biodegradable workout outfits, you should also look for planet-friendly fitness equipment. What’s your yoga mat made of? We recommend the one made of jute for a more efficient and sustainable workout session. A BPA-free reusable water bottle is an absolute must as well. Whether you go for a bamboo one or those made of stainless steel, a reusable water bottle will be an invaluable part of your fitness regimen.

Staying fit while being kind to the planet is of the essence nowadays. So, for your next exercises session, make sure you're fully equipped with sustainable equipment. From eco-friendly clothes to zero-carbon commute, there’s plenty you can do to make your fitness regimen safe for the planet.

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