January 20, 2022

The Pros and Cons of Hiring a Moving Company

When moving house, the biggest challenge is transporting all your belongings to your new place. You have acquired a huge collection of possessions over the course of your lifetime, and it’s no mean feat to ship them all from one property to another. Particularly if the home you’re moving to is hundreds of miles across the country.


This is where you need to ask yourself a very important question. Should you hire a moving company, or attempt to move everything by yourself? A moving company, such as SMARTBOX Solutions, Inc., will take all the work out of your hands and allow you to focus on other things. However, you can save a great deal of money if you’re able to take on the job under your own steam.

If you’re still undecided, here are the pros and cons of hiring a moving company.

The Pros
Convenience: When you hire a moving company, they will generally take care of everything for you. They will move all your heavy belongings out of your current home, put them in a van, and drive them across the country to your new house. Once they have arrived, they will unload the van and bring everything aside. You can help with the lifting if you like, but there’s no obligation to do so. This gives you the time to focus on getting your other affairs in order.

Insurance: You may be worried that your valuables will be lost or damaged in transit, but fear not. When you choose a removal company, the fee usually includes insurance for all your possessions. You can enjoy peace of mind that everything will arrive at your new home in one piece. If you take on the moving process yourself, you are responsible for any damage sustained on the journey.


Additional services: Depending on the moving company you choose, there may be a range of additional services included with the price or for an extra cost. The movers may be able to dismantle and reassemble your furniture, or keep items in secure storage if your new home isn’t ready yet. They may even provide all the packing materials like cardboard boxes and bubble wrap.

The Cons
Cost: The obvious main drawback of hiring a moving company is the cost. The exact figure will depend on the distance traveled as well as the amount of possessions to be transported, but you are probably looking at a minimum of several hundred dollars. It is up to you to decide whether the cost is worth it, or if your money could be better spent elsewhere.

Lack of Flexibility: When you book the removal firm, you will choose a specific day for the whole process to occur. This gives you a short timeframe to get everything done. However, if you decide to move everything by yourself, you can take your time with it and save yourself some stress. Make several trips back and forth in your vehicle and don’t feel pressured to move everything in one day. 

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  1. The cons are tolerable, it is really helpful if there's a moving company to help us.


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