February 10, 2021

Moving To Your New Home, It's Important To Get Things In Order

Are you moving home soon? Perhaps you are looking at long distance moving, in any case, you need to be sure that you have your home as designed as possible beforehand. So what needs to be done? 


Bathrooms -The amount of bathrooms is determined by need and dream. The bathroom in the master bedroom is usually necessary, since we need our privacy in the house with children. Bathrooms for every child are usually a dream. But if there is a possibility, why not? Just do not forget That this is "more space to clean"… and you should take into account some precious points in the design of the bathrooms:

Ventilation -This is a space that deals with moisture all year round. Take care of large openings, exterior windows (and not interiors for a laundry room for example) or a really really high quality vent, but if this cuteness can be avoided, it is always better.

Use of quality materials  - Do not make shortcuts here, in bathrooms, the cheapest is expensive. Do not skimp on any element that should get into the walls and connect to the internal plumbing in the foundations. A flushing tank, and the like, connect to the pipes inside the walls and their replacement will require the opening of tiles. Buy quality products with a warranty, one day you may really need it! You don’t want things to become ruined with one bitter winter (become frozen/clogged). 

A great master bedroom -  A large room is a pampering room, and how important it is that you pamper yourself after all the hard work. You deserve this, and this is the stage to pamper yourself. A spacious master bedroom is undoubtedly a need, requirement and a must in building your own home. Plan the movement in space, is there a fixed side to each of the couple? Are you comfortable dressing by the bed, in the bathroom or would you like to have a designated area for this? It can be translated into a closet, or closets divided by 80% -20% for the benefit of the woman.


In any case, do not start planning without thinking about your movement in space and the needs of each of the couple. Of course a bathroom in the master suite is a must. Pay attention to the size of the space you are planning. The standard today is 3.5 square meters, and it is not particularly luxurious because it is about 180cm * 180 cm or so. In its "net" size it does stay that way after tiles), the toilet is usually on the other side of the shower, so you need to ensure that you use the space wisely. A small change from 3.5 square meters to 5 square meters can change your quality of movement, and your quality of life significantly.  

Storage  - One of the most troubling issues for young couples today. The average amount of equipment of a young and modern family is inconceivable. Mountains of toys and games, clothes and more clothing. Older clothes could be handed over to charitable companies for donation or large ones that will soon be good. The gifts from your aunt, last year's notebooks, what will you do with those? Do you need to keep them for sentimental reasons? They need storage, or go somewhere else. But without a doubt, consider them. Are they in a cupboard that accompanies the hallway? Or is there a dedicated room for storage? What will be most comfortable for you? And how much approach do you want to take?


Air conditioning -  Depending on the air directions, it is important to plan air conditioning that will allow a pleasant temperature throughout the year. Put it in a budget… There is no right or wrong here. One will have an overhead air conditioner in each room, the other will not think twice and decide on a central air conditioner and a fireplace in the living room.

Parking -  How convenient is it to get back from shopping, open the trunk and be straight in the kitchen? How convenient is it for each of the drivers in the house to have their own parking space? Consider your daily traffic and plan for convenient parking. It is advisable to plan a parking space of at least 5 meters long and 3 meters wide for each vehicle so that it is sufficient for each type of private vehicle. The location of your home is everything!! If it has no amenities or facilities for you nearby, it may be a poor move.

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  1. My husband just moved to a new place. Aside from those mentioned above, it is only walking distance to his work. He used to commute from home to work but that arrangement is too expensive. Aside from that, we see to it that kids could still stay in his place. However, the condo doesn't have a free parking so, we also considered that, thus we found a place where there is a secured pay parking area.

  2. These are super helpful tips that i will be needing soon. Got to keep this all in mind when we go plans the renovations for the house. Kinda wish we had more soace tho huhuhu

  3. Good read. Will definitely take note and follow your tips soon! Excited to have my own house na rin :) Space talaga ang una kong priority and ventilation as well hehe

  4. We moved to our new place last year and one of the important factors are ample storage, big master bedroom with en suite. We also take consideration about the solar panel installed coz it will help us save energy.

  5. Moving to a new place can be really daunting. I think storage is the most important thing i'd consider.

  6. Luckily i green up having my own room.. nun nagpagawa ng new house same street lang din namin,nagkaron din ng own bathroom.. true enough additional cleaning to so pero lucky again me helper kami. But what i love about our home is yung cabinets na floor to ceiling talaga di talaga sinayang and thats what i miss having to rent for the last 8 years yung storage na maganda at walang kalat na bahay


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