February 1, 2021

4 Backyard Activities You Can Do with your Family To Combat Quarantine Boredom

Hello! How’s your 2021 going? If you’re like me who is surprised to find out that it’s already the second month of the year, and it’s as if, what happened? I just blinked and now I’m already done with my trial month. Unluckily at this time, restrictions are still not fully lifted and although I know you are itching to go outside or travel as you please, it’s not really fully feasible. 

I understand it completely when you say that you’re bored and is having some sort of cabin fever, because I am feeling that too. But to be honest, you are kind of left with nothing but find ways to get out of that rut. Everyday I think about a lot of activities I can do just to prevent my life from getting monotonous. 

I want to go out more often as well as to do some outdoor activities. Saying that sentence suddenly brought me back my thoughts to our ancestral house and its huge 250 sqm backyard – where if only that my family lives there still, there would be a lot of things to do outside, instead of just being inside the house all day every day for months. 

Anyway, I listed 4 things that you and your family can do to enjoy specially if you have a decent-sized backyard or lawn. 


How about playing Giant Tic Tac Toe and Hopscotch. These games are will surely send you back down to memory lane. This activity requires only the use of chalk or even broken pieces of clay pot so you can draw the lines  for the hopscotch and the criss-cross lines. Just don’t forget to make them in jumbo size for maximum laugh and maximum enjoyment!  

Have fun doing jumps and tumblings on an air tumble track set. An inflatable track set is not only for aspiring and pro gymnasts but can also be for family use. I’m pretty sure kids will love playing on it for hours on end. Also, since it is inflatable there’s less chances of any injury, but more amusement. You can get one from tumblemat.com and they have them in variety of sizes to suit your family’s needs and the size of your backyard. 


One of the games that is quite popular for outdoor activities is Giant Jenga. The rules are the same but this time around there’s additional excitement because the blocks are bigger! You can buy a set online or you can create your own using scrap wood blocks that you can find in craft stores or scrap wood sellers. 


If you’ll opt for a more relaxing outdoor activity, how about try gardening? Or bring it to another level and create a Fairy Cottage plant pots. I’ve seen a lot of these online and they are so cute! They are very detailed so this will take a lot of you and your kids’ time and will keep you all busy. 


Whether you want active activities like playing on a tumble track  or low-key taking care and growing plants on your backyard, it’s up to you. I suggest that you direct your boredom while in quarantine to something that will make use of your energy and time that will benefit your mind and body. 

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  1. These are nice backyard activities, bring back childhood memories ��

  2. All you've shared looks like really a great idea. Glad that i've seen this post. This is important to me because i want my kids to stay active even at home and not just stare at their phones.

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