February 25, 2021

Making The Best DIY Home Office

How to make the best DIY home office. So many of us are switching to working from home, making the home office the newest must-have room in the house.  And if you’re a fan of DIY, then creating that home office may be the next job on your to-do list. Even beginners can do woodworking!


Flooring that fits
If you’re setting up a home office, then a practical floor is a must.  But when you’re approaching the task as a DIY project, what flooring can be installed without hiring a professional?  Vinyl tiles, carpet tiles and laminate plank flooring are all easy options to consider.  However, quality and comfort also need to be considered.  For example, you could try picking the best laminate flooring you can afford to get a more durable finish with better cushioning under foot.

Decorating with paint
Painting the walls of your office in a color to help increase your productivity is an easy DIY task.  Shades of blues, greens and yellows are thought to be ideal for energy, calmness and creativity respectively, but you may prefer a more neutral color.  Especially if you’re likely to be joining lots of video meetings and conferences!  Whatever you choose, get yourself a good quality roller for a professional looking finish with your paint.


DIY your desk
You may think that a DIY desk is out of the question, but if you can put flatpack furniture together, then you can probably manage this project.  For a simple DIY desk, you could use a couple of sawhorses or trestle legs with a piece of reclaimed wood or planks laid across the top.  Four hairpin legs attached to a piece of board could also work well.  

Doing it yourself gives you the opportunity to customize your desk size to fit your space. And if you want to make it really simple, you could ask your local lumber yard or hardware store to cut your wood to size for you.


Make you own memo board
A memo board is so useful in a home office, perfect for jotting down reminders and appointments, as well as for brain-storming ideas.  And there are so many ways you can DIY your own board.

An old picture frame with string threaded across it is one simple idea.  And cork tiles or placemats can be painted and hung up as memo boards too.  This is a great project to use your creativity on and repurpose household items.

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  1. I used to have a home office because we had an extra room at the previous house we rented. Nowadays, I mostly use the dining table for work. I miss having my own office.

  2. i wish i have enough space here at home to make my own office... right now im using our dining table as my office.. ive been longing to have my own space... nasanay kasi growing up with my own room with lots of space to keep things and all. hirap now. huhu..

  3. If I only have a bigger space here in my room, seseryosohin ko talaga to. Kaso maliit lang talag eh, so sa imagination na lang muna to. HAHA

  4. I've always wanted to have my home office that I can decorate like this. I really love plain white walls and I like minimalist style rooms. I'll try these tips someday.

  5. I concur with everything you said here. Organizing your work area and painting the walls are good ways of creating an ideal place to be productive at work.

  6. Having a good study and spacious working table is important for me. Another thing is good lightings, or natural lights are better.

  7. These are great ideas! I want to repaint my room and a choose a more relaxing color or wallpaper for my room. 😀

  8. I don’t have my own room so my workspace is still shared, but i make it work. Will totally apply your tips when we move into a new house with our own rooms. Hahaha

  9. Napapanahon itong article na to! I am planning din to vlog about my work area! Gusto ko yung memo board, I'll have one nga :)

  10. Sobrang liit ng bahay ko (bachelorette lang kasi dpat ito). So, instead, I setup the dining outside (in the garden) so I could use a bigger table for office work inside.

  11. My home office is the little space where my table is located. All of my work related stuff are there and as much as I want to expand my space, we have a lot of stuff! I am hoping to renovate my room that I share with my sister so I can have my office space there for a more quiet and private space.


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