February 16, 2021

How to Spice Up Your Travel: Best Tips for the Perfect Romantic Getaway

No matter if you have a big occasion or if you just want to treat your partner with a relaxing trip, planning a romantic getaway is not an easy task. With all the moving parts, you have a few things to consider and plan in advance to ensure everything goes smoothly. Need some help? Here are the five must-follow tips.


Make it short and sweet
If this is your first trip together, make sure to make it short and sweet. Skip the 10-day vacation and opt only for a long weekend trip. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have a lot of fun and one-on-one moments. If you pick an all-inclusive resort, you will get to try everything from romantic dining to walks at the beach and fun activities for two.


Choose the right destination
Finding the right location for your getaway is the first planning problem you need to solve. For a short getaway, don’t stray too far from your home, you’ll just be wasting precious time. A short flight from your house will be all you need to change the scenery, forget about work and just relax in your lover’s embrace. If you want to experience many activities during your vacation, you might want to check out the natural beauty of Kiawah Island Rentals while staying at vacation-ready homes. If you want to enjoy romance and intimacy, an Adult Only resort might be the way to go no matter the destination.


Plan some relaxation
One of the best things you can do for your relationship is to de-stress with some relaxing activities. For instance, you can take a long walk along the shoreline and enjoy some star gazing and cuddling. Or you can book a spa day and schedule a couple’s massage and Jacuzzi session. And don’t forget to plan for some naughty time with your partner and surprise them with sex toys you can both enjoy. Some adult fun is guaranteed to relax you! Spend the rest of the night enjoying the view from the balcony while sipping champagne.


Have fun with your partner
If you play together, you’re going to stay together, so make sure to consider some activities to try out while on your romantic trip. If your hotel or resort offers activities, make sure to book them in advance. And don’t hesitate to try something completely new for both of you. Out of the ordinary travel experiences make the best romantic memories. While some things need to be planned and booked in advance, don’t hesitate to be spontaneous with little stuff. Step out of your comfort zone (after all, you have your partner to watch your back) and keep your vacation fun and light.


Go the extra mile
If you’re aiming for romance, you need to spice up your getaway a little bit by going the extra mile for your significant other. For instance, if you’re celebrating your honeymoon or anniversary with a trip, check whether your resort has a special package you can add to your reservation. Or go above and beyond to organize a romantic dinner on the beach. If that’s not your style, at least make sure to dress up very fancy for a dinner date while you’re on your trip. Room service is always a good idea, so you can stay in bed a little longer. If your resort offers butlers, ask them to draw a bath for you with candles and rose petals for a nice romantic surprise. Want to really make your getaway special? Renew your vows or recreate your first date together with seduction and cute little role play.


If you organize a romantic getaway by using these tips, you’ll surely hit the bull’s eye and leave a great impression on your partner. They will not only be grateful for all your effort, but they will surely fall even deeper in love with your caring heart.

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