March 13, 2023

4 Fascinating Facts About Filipino Mall Culture

Filipinos are known for many things. They are hospitable, family-oriented, and have a generally positive outlook on life. They’re also known globally as a nation of mallgoers. And for those who aren’t Filipinos or living in the Philippines, it comes as a fascinating surprise to learn about the extent of the country’s obsession with malls.

There are around 850+ malls in the Philippines, and many of them are in close proximity to each other. Ortigas Center alone has five major malls in the business district, and though it might seem odd to have that many malls in one area, it’s normal for this country. One of the main reasons why this is so, is because shopping malls have become a part of the local lifestyle. It’s the place to go to do everything, from doing our groceries to watching a good movie. Moreover, everyone is welcome to shelter in air-conditioned malls to escape the stifling humid heat of the tropical sun or the damp rainy weather. 

Aside from these, here are four more reasons why the Philippines’ mall culture is unlike any other.

Malls Are a Sign of Development
When there is a mall, you can expect that the area it’s located in has a vibrant economy. Malls are often a sign of economic progress since it indicates that the people living or working in the area have the spending power to afford many of the things the mall has to offer. Malls also attract a lot of business. Since malls get a lot of foot traffic, opening up shops in or near a mall can help boost brand awareness and revenue. That’s why in places like Pasay City, for example, you can find many entertainment establishments and hotels near Mall of Asia.

They’re More Than Just for Shopping
Here in the Philippines, malls have become one-stop shops where Filipinos can easily and quickly finish all of their errands. Mallgoers can pay their bills, visit a general physician for a checkup, and even complete their government-related errands, like getting their NBI clearance and passport, without having to travel to a different destination. This is because malls in the Philippines are built for maximum convenience, so it’s common to see bills payment centers, clinics, and satellite government offices inside one commercial establishment. Some malls even have chapels or designate one of their halls for Sunday mass or Muslim prayer, so people can go attend to their religious obligations before they start shopping.

They’re Tourist Destinations as Well
Some of the malls in the country come with distinctive features that elevate them from your typical shopping centers. These make them popular tourist destinations in their own right, so much so that people from out of town or out of the country include visits to these malls in their itineraries. 

For example, SM Mall of Asia (more commonly known as MOA) is dubbed as the biggest mall in the Philippines. That title alone has garnered the attention of millions of people, causing Filipinos to flock to the mall just to see how really big MOA is for themselves. Having a bigger mall also means that there are more stores to explore, and for the mall-loving Filipino, checking out these establishments is an adventure on its own. Another reason why MOA is a popular destination is the attractions surrounding it. Near the mall, you can find an amusement park, sports arena, and an aquarium, so there are a lot of things to do in and near MOA.

Venice Grand Canal Mall, on the other hand, may not be as expansive as MOA, but it has several features that make it a fun tourist destination. For one, it’s the only mall in the Philippines that has a man-made canal inspired by the Grand Canal in Venice, Italy. Here, mall goers can enjoy a quick gondola ride and be serenaded by the gondoliers manning the boats. The Venice Grand Canal Mall is also known for its high-end stores, making it a popular mall for those who want to shop for luxury goods.

If the shops at Venice Grand Canal Mall are too high-end for your taste, you can go bargain hunting at Greenhills Shopping Center. This mall is known for its rows of stalls selling a variety of affordable products, from clothes to gadgets. Just the sheer number of things to buy and see is an experience on its own, so people visit the mall despite the chaos and crowds to shop for high-quality but affordable finds.

They’re Go-To Weekend Hangout Spots for Everyone
Thanks to the convenience malls provide, and the number of things people can do when they visit them, it’s no surprise that the malls have become the go-to weekend hangout spots for everyone. Whether you’re with your family or your closest friends, you can spend the entire day at the mall doing fun and exciting things with the people you love. You can watch a movie, eat at the food court, window shop, and more, so you can make the most of your weekend as a result. 

Malls play a huge role in the lives of many Filipinos. They’re places where people can complete their errands, spend time with their loved ones, and get a unique mall experience under one roof. It’s no wonder then that the Philippines has such a strong attachment to malls, compared to the rest of the world.

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