March 1, 2023

Justifications For Skipping The Wedding And Doing It All On One Day

Some people spend their entire lives planning for their wedding day, keeping a scrapbook of magazine clippings of their dream dress; others skip all that and just get married. To help couples be married at a fraction of the cost, businesses like Just Eloped have emerged, and their founder, Janessa White, is at the forefront of this trend. White explained to INSIDER why so many couples are opting for elopements rather than grandiose weddings.

Eloping is a great way to cut costs and manage your money better.
According to White, the national average for a wedding in the United States is roughly $36,000. Weddings may be extremely expensive once all the bills from the caterer, florist, entertainment, and location have been paid. According to White, "I met a gal who spent $85,000 on her wedding and she's still paying that off." The regret lies with her, you might say.

Yet, elopements are often much more affordable than traditional weddings. While some companies may charge more than $350 for a full ceremony, White's business is able to perform them for only $350.00. Costing a whopping $2,800, this is their most expensive bundle.

Putting up less cash for the nuptials frees up more cash for the honeymoon.
It is common practice for newlyweds to follow their lavish wedding with a lengthy honeymoon. White argued that this was now two separate costs instead of just one. Yet, White claims that eloping couples increasingly place more value on their honeymoon than on the actual wedding. To save time and money, she said, many couples are opting to have both their elopement and honeymoon at the same location.

Avoiding potential tensions with relatives is a major benefit of having an elopement ceremony.
Most weddings focus on the bride's and groom's immediate families. Couples frequently include distant relatives and long-lost friends in their guest lists. As opposed to doing what you want, you should invite other people to your wedding.

White has observed that some people do not want their entire families to join together for a wedding. This is especially the case when relations between members of the same family are tense for the majority of the year. Individuals are "rejecting the notion" of doing what their family expect of them, White added. "Instead, they're following their own preferences when it comes to tying the knot."

Because the wedding party is limited to the couple, the elopement is a very private and special occasion.
Couples can put their full attention on the nuptials instead of dealing with family strife or dealing with a swarm of guests. Fewer witnesses means the couple can exchange heartfelt, private vows. White said that some couples elope before their big wedding ceremony so they can enjoy that private moment alone.

Compared to traditional wedding planning, eloping requires much less emotional and mental forethought.
White said that it was impossible to expect someone without experience planning such an event to pick up all the necessary skills in a single day. The stress level is through the roof. You have to coordinate with everyone from the florist to the baker to the photographer to the person who does your hair and makeup.

Another chore that can be time-consuming and unpleasant is managing guests on the wedding day itself, which she also discusses. To sum it up, wedding preparations can feel like a second full-time job on top of your regular one. Excluding guests and businesses from the big day through eloping can make the event go more smoothly and with less stress.

Elopements, as opposed to traditional weddings, can be far more intimate and special.
According to White, it is customary for couples to be bound by the customs and regulations of the wedding location they have booked. White says that these weddings are all the same, making him use the phrase "cookie cutter." When you elope, on the other hand, you're not limited by time or place and can get creative with your ceremony. Examples of such ceremonies include those held by Just Eloped at several National Parks.

White reassured the group, saying, "You may choose a site that is truly meaningful to you." "We married this one girl on the Colorado path where she scattered her father's ashes, because that's where they hiked all the time. The beauty of an elopement is that it allows us to celebrate your union in a location that holds special value for you.

Elopements provide you the flexibility to mix and match rituals.
It can be challenging to blend families and wedding traditions when one partner comes from a different religious background, according to White. Yet, in an elopement ceremony, the bride and groom are free to make up their own rules and incorporate elements of both cultures into the ceremony.

When you elope, you don't have to try to outdo your friends' nuptials.
White remarked that for some people, a wedding is an opportunity to flaunt their wealth and status. Couples often compete with one another and with their friends and family members to see who can throw the best wedding. If things don't go as planned, that can be really stressful and spoil the day. In cases where neither party feels any sort of competitive pressure, an elopement may be the best option. For that you also can take elopement packages.

The best aspect about eloping is that nobody is expecting anything fancy.
Inviting 300 guests and spending $36,000 means that expectations for the evening are high, as White put it. You've invested a lot of time and money into planning this ceremony, and if it doesn't go as planned, you're going to be extremely disappointed.

There's more of a chance for a pleasant surprise if fewer hopes are placed in the outcome. When you go into a situation with low expectations, the outcome is frequently pleasantly surprising.

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