March 29, 2023

High Stakes: Game of Life

John Lennon said, “Life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans…” When we were kids, full of innocence but without much care in the world, we’ve all longed to be adults – do what adults do and live the way adults live. We had always been so curious and eager to grow up. But here’s a real talk for all the youngsters out there: being an adult sucks.

“Adulting” requires a lot of effort and efficiency in managing your responsibilities. It is, more often than not, so overwhelming that you sometimes even forget how to “breathe”. There are bills to pay, lifestyle to support, and basic needs like food, house, clothing, water, etc. to fulfil. Inflation makes everything worse. These days, you can no longer seem to get by without money.

If you’re looking into an affordable mortgage, check out You can now loan your much needed money with payment terms that are tailored just for you! Now that financial support is underway, you can now live more comfortably and take each day a little more leisurely – Mortgage Calculator can also help you with that. Enjoy dozens of games of various difficulties and categories that will definitely tickle your minds and stomachs!

There are currently seven existing categories on the site and, I got to admit, it is one curious case that I just got the strong urge to solve. While I haven’t played any of the actual games listed, there were selected few that intrigued me due to their nature and resemblance with some games that I enjoyed as a kid.

Kingdom Wars
This game is inspired by the popular board game in the late 2000’s to early 2010’s that we all came know as Monopoly. I am an only child so I never really got to play said game that much, but whenever I do, I always feel the thrill. I tried playing this game and it did not disappoint.

It brought me back fun memories I had with my friends, in uniforms, playing the board game during lunch. Despite the competition set against AI’s, the spirit of the game remains the same. The easy-to-navigate interface is a plus, too! However, the feature I appreciate the most is the game’s educational touch. Similar to the game it was inspired from, this one also teaches its players practical lessons like budgeting, thinking before acting, priorities and the likes. It is like having a simulation of adulthood, but in a more friendly way.

Burger Shop
There are a lot of old school computer and online games that are similar to the concept of this game. Basically, playing this is like managing a small restaurant or eatery where you’re the only worker. You have to accommodate customers, craft their orders, serve and receive the money (and tips) all by yourself. I used to enjoy playing this kind of games when I was younger. Those games always gave me my “girl boss” moments, especially when I get combo-after-combo of successful services. This memory encouraged me to try this game.

My reflexes are now much slower, but I was able to accomplish a couple of levels. It was still as exciting as I remembered! Like the previous game, the interface is also player-friendly so I didn’t have a hard time being acclimated to the controls of the game. Moreover, this game also imparts practical life lessons on customer service, time management and managing business. This is definitely a helpful simulation for people who have business or those who plan to manage one.

Merge Blocks
I tried out this game because I was intrigued. I thought it will be like Tetris – but boy was I wrong! I am not the one to read game instructions so I had to figure out the rules as I played. It took me a few minutes, but I eventually got a hang of it! The gist is: there are 10 levels which are represented by “buildings”. You have to adjacently combine three or more buildings of the same kind to upgrade into the next level building. 

Strategy is very important in playing this game. The space or lot dedicated for the buildings are very limited so you have to plan where to place each block. My first trial was the most productive one, but everything went downhill from that. I guess, I really need to exercise my strategic skills. I still enjoyed this game, nonetheless. It could definitely tease your brain in a good way. 

These are just three of the awesome games that you can find on the site. Take a breather while you figure out your loan and try them out! Rest assured, you’ll never regret it! 

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