May 29, 2014

Love SheInside? Then be A Sheinside Publish Program Member

Hello loves, many of you might notice that I always post something about I love this online clothing store to the core! It's one of my favorites sites to shop and also because they have also the trendiest and unique clothing pieces that I usually can't find in stores here in the Philippines.

And I'm also proud to say that I am a member of the Sheinside Publish Program. If you have your own blog, that's fantastic! And with that being said I'm sharing with you this great opportunity to be part of their publish program.

Don't worry it's easy as 1-2-3 and you're sure to earn great commisions, especially when your friends, families and blog readers register and buy from SheInside. I'm a living proof to that! Of course I will not disclose how much I've earned from being a Sheinside Publish Program member, but it is really one of the best things that happened in my blogging career!

Every time they will post a promotion you just need to blog about it so you can share it with your friends, families, blog readers and social media followers. Not hard at all right? Right! You will also have your own unique publisher ID so SheInside can track which clicks and orders originated from your blog, you can also view it in your publisher account.

The clothes that I usually post here and in my Facebook page, are the fruits of my labor for being a publisher/promoter for SheInside. I'm sure you want to have some of the clothes from SheInside too! So what are you waiting for? 

Register now by clicking the link below:

And before I forgot, please do also check out the items from the SheInside Pre-Sale and SheInside Design Collections items, that is where I usually buy my SheInside items from. Why? Because you can get them at 50% off always! For example if an item costs $25, it will be just around $15-19 when it's in Pre-Sale and then after a few days it will go back to it's original price. But don't worry most of the time, the Pre-Sale collection items are still or always on sale! Also most of the items from Pre-Sale are items that are not yet released in the market so you know you're one of those lucky few who will get a hold of these oh-so pretty clothing items first! And it comes with free standard shipping too!

If you want to learn how the Pre-Sale works I have a detailed explanation in the links below: Pre-Sale
- Summer Lovin' with SheInside PreSale Up To 50% Off!
- Newest Items on PRE-SALE!
- Fall In Love with the New Items from SheInside Pre-Sale... 

What items have I bought from the SheInside Pre-Sale? Here are some of them, 3 of which I have already received. If I'm not posting a photo not wearing them it's because they're still in transit and I'm excitedly waiting for them to arrive! Btw, most of these are on regular price by now but you can still get them by just click the item descriptions for details.

I suggest you bookmark and regularly check the the link to see what's new on this collection, because believe me, items here sells like pancakes! Check out the the entire SheInside Pre-Sale/SheInside Design Collection by clicking the link below:

Until next time and happy shopping!

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