May 14, 2014

Third Time's A Charm... a Review now known as is one of the online clothing and accessories that I’ve been visiting, checking and ordering from since 2011. They are one of the pioneers when it comes to affordable online clothing businesses. I have come to love browsing through their items for almost 4 years now, my account’s wishlist has already a lot in it. They used to sell just clothes, accessories and shoes but now they have ventured out even into children's clothing home and bath merchandise.

I’ve seen a lot of unfavorable reviews about and I found myself dumb-founded with what I read in forums and reviews. I’ve ordered from them for only 3-4 times and have contacted their customer service every so often, and I haven’t experienced any problems while I was dealing with them. Any inquiry or request that I have made was handled properly. So I was kinda confused, for lack of better terms, after reading a lot of negative feedback.

It has been a while since I ordered from them and I’m still enjoying and wearing the clothes that I bought from  a year ago (You can read my review about my first two purchases at HERE). So one day,  received a E-newsletter from Clothing-Dropship, which I regularly get, and more often than not, I just view it for a second then close it, and saw something that really caught my attention. The email was about the current clearance sale they’re having and one of the photos was this dress:, with its new name Clothing-Dropship is an online store that has more than 420000 fashion products of clothing, shoes, jewelry, bags and others and stocks are updated daily. They offer no minimum order limit, retail and wholesale are also offered! There are various of shipping methods so wherever you are, Wholesale-Dress can put fashion in your hands. They also have a 24-hours online service, if you have any question, their  custom service representatives will help you any time.

When it comes to shipping fees and delivery time, I always choose postal mail because usually I don’t need the clothes that I order from them that urgently, so I’m willing to wait until it arrives in our country. 2-3 weeks via post mail didn’t bother me.

I have seen this dress about a year ago and it was love at first sight! I wanted to buy it but I was skeptic of the color green. If you can see my wardrobe now most of my clothes are dominated by blue and black colors, so wearing a green dress would somehow be new thing for me. Plus its original price and adding the shipping fee was out of my budget that time. So when it went on sale, I knew I couldn’t let this opportunity pass anymore.

You wouldn’t believe how much I got this dress, it seemed like I only paid for just the shipping cost, and the shipping fee is also minimal, btw. I was surprised too that it arrived faster than I expected. It only took 2 weeks, I think, when I received a notice from our local post office that my package has arrived and is ready to be claimed.

The package came in a bubble wrap plastic, and the dress was in an individual plastic bag with a sticker bearing the information of the dress. The dress didn’t have strong odor too, unlike newly opened packages I’ve received in the past. Upon inspection of the dress, I didn’t find any stain or damage at all. The quality of the how it was sewn and the material used is just about right, well a little better actually, which exceeded my  expectations, because of incredibly low price that I got it for.  

This dress reminds me of the dresses from the American Victorian Era because of its puffy sleeves, pleats, ruffles, frills, trimmings,  and the cut of the dress that somehow elongates the torso and emphasizes the curves of a woman, especially the butt area.

“Victorian fashion comprises the various fashions and trends in British culture that emerged and developed in the United Kingdom and the British Empire throughout the Victorian era, roughly 1830s to 1900s. In the 1840s and 1850s, women's gowns had wide puffed sleeves. Dresses were simple and pale. Petticoats, corsets, and chemises were worn under gowns. 

Day dresses had a solid bodice and evening gowns had a very low neckline and were worn off the shoulder with shawls. In the 1860s, the skirts became flatter at the front and projected out more behind the woman. Day dresses had wide pagoda sleeves and high necklines with lace or tatted collars. Evening dresses had low necklines and short sleeves, and were worn with short gloves, fingerless lace or crocheted mitts. The fad of hoop skirts had faded and women strived for a slimmer style. The dresses were extremely tight around the corseted torso and the waist and upper”

Do you agree with me? Doesn’t it look like a dress adopted from the fashion  of  the American Victorian era? But this one is a toned-down, modern, current, comfortable and casual interpretation of the dresses worn  by Victorian women before,  yes?

I made a few alterations though, I didn’t like the buttons that came with it so I replaced them with gold ones. The length was also unflattering for me because of my petite height so I cut it shorter than its original length and sewn the hemline and made it fall just over the middle of my knees. Not too short but not too long.

I used this during Mother's Day Lunch with my parents-in-law, paired them with my Payless black/brown wedge sandals, peacock ring and gold/purple earrings.

Shipping: (formerly known as doesn't offer free shipping unlike the other sites. But their items are probably the cheapest that you can find online. Their shipping fee is based on how much your order weighs and is priced reasonably. As for me I always opt for the lowest shipping fee which is through postal mail. Both the items I bought from them were sent to me through China Post. It took around 2-3 weeks before it reached me, but I had no problem with that, patience is a virtue that I practice. Plus the demand for the items that I purchased was not at all urgent. But if you’ll be utilizing what you’ll be ordering, say for example you’re going to use it for an event, if you’re availing shipment through China Post, give yourself a lead time of at least one month (or more). So that you’re sure that your order arrives just in time for that special occasion you’ll be attending.

Here are choices for the shipping of orders which I grabbed from Clothing-Dropship you can visit this link to know more about the shipping rates: Shipping Information

But if you have the money to spend for express shipping, then take advantage of that. Shipping time, btw, doesn’t include the preparation of your order. So if it says that you’ll receive an item (with the mode of shipping you chose) within 3-7 days,  add another 3-5 days for the processing of the order. Most online stores are like that, and Wholesale Dress isn't an exception.

Modes of Payment:
I made the payment for my Clothing-Dropship orders through Paypal. But if you don't have Paypal, there are other ways of paying for your orders:

All in all, I am very much happy with my latest purchase from Clothing-Dropship. The shipping was fast and the dress is pretty awesome; another successful procurement! I think I’ll be using this dress more often because it’s very casual, either at work or wear it as my Sunday best!

Want to know how much is this dress? I won’t tell… I want you guys to be surprised like I was, look for it HERE! Or if you can't find it, leave a comment so I can tell you the exact link! LOL!

Looking forward to my next purchase with and thanks for dropping by!

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