May 5, 2014

PUERTO PRINCESA TRAVEL DIARY: Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa

Being able to set foot in Dos Palmas is very surreal. I only see it  on TV or movies or on the internet, so experiencing the beauty of Dos Palmas was somehow a dream come true. Why? Because it used to be a place where working/middle class citizens, like me, wouldn’t be able to go to or stay, because it  is still is one of the luxurious, high-end and exclusive beach resorts in the Philippines.Though 2  unfortunate events happened here in the past that may have left going to Dos Palmas tainted with fear and skepticism, whenever I see it somewhere, I still have that feeling and thought that “I want to go there someday”.

So when I was researching of what we can do  and where we can go in Puerto Princesa and came across blog reviews regarding day tour to Dos Palmas, I suddenly got excited and looked for more information about it. One travel agency replied to my email telling me that I can do direct booking with Dos Palmas if I want to. So that’s what I did, I called Dos Palmas up, scheduled our visit and paid the required fee. I was surprised when I learned how affordable the day trip fee was, I was expecting it to be hefty because “it is” Dos Palmas after all.

These are the inclusions for a Dos Palmas Day Tour (8:30AM -4:15pm) and cost PHP 1860 per person:
• Welcome drink
• Scheduled round trip land and boat transfers (city-resort-city)
• Buffet Lunch
• Use of the following facilities and equipment:
-Children's playground
-Ocean kayaks
-Snorkeling equipment (mask,snorkel,fins)
-Courts and equipment (tennis,basketball,beach volleyball,beach badminton)
-Recreation center (darts,billiards,table tennis,videoke)
• Boat transfers to nearby snorkeling sites
• Services of a guest officer and marine sports guide

Please bring your own towels and toiletries.This package does not include swimming pool and jacuzzi,food outside of the package,laundry,other marine sports activities and equipment rentals,souvenir shop purchases and other expenses that are incidental in nature.

Regular Ferry Service*:
Wharf to Resort: 0830H | 1100H | 1330H | 1600H
Resort to Wharf: 0600H | 0900H | 1330H | 1615H
*Subject to change without prior notice.

Our van service that will take us to Sta Lourdes Wharf from Legend Hotel arrived a few minutes late from the scheduled time. We also waited for another van since we didn’t fit on the first van. I wonder how come they didn’t foresee the number of guests for that day when most of us have booked ahead of time. Anyway, when we got to the port we immediately boarded the boat after registering on the manifest. It took around 30 minutes before we set sail to Dos Palmas, because instructions were given first and our things/luggage where also checked by K-9 police dog. We were also asked to wear life vests all throughout the journey to the island which is strictly mandated by the Philippine Coast Guard.

Dos Palmas Beach Resort is in Araceffi Island which is one of the islands in Honda Bay, Puerto Princesa, Palawan. From the port it took us around 1-1 ½ hours to reach the island, the journey to the latter was kinda rough because of mildly strong waves that day, although I was so sleepy and was half-awake during the entire boat ride so I it didn’t bother me.

When we got to the island, we were welcomed by the staff and handed us welcome drinks and asked us to proceed to the dining hall by the beach wherein a small orientation was conducted. After which we were now off to wherever we want to go around the island and do whatever we want to do.

There are a lot of recreational things you can do at Dos Palmas to kill time. But we mostly did a lot of lounging, swimming and walking around the island.

This are the famous beach rooms in stilts in Dos Palmas, but as of the moment they are non-operational, nobody can use them anymore.

After swimming for a bit and just before lunch, we borrowed snorkeling gears at the Marine Sports Center. The resort has a complete line of equipment and facilities for the following water sports activities: kayaking (singles and doubles), snorkeling and diving including PADI courses ranging from introductory to Divemaster levels.

We totally enjoyed snorkeling in one of the reefs in Dos Palmas and we commented that the fishes there are bigger than the ones that we have seen in Coron.


To get to the snorkeling/diving sites, you will have to ride a little pump boat to a floating cottage.

After snorkeling, we went back to the main island and it was time for the buffet lunch that is included in our day tour package. Everything was good especially the Sinigang na Talakitok. But the best part is eating all these good food while I dig my feet in the sand.

In Dos Palmas you can enjoy a range of activities from Basketball, Beach Volleyball and Soccer, Badminton, Biking, Tennis, Billiards, Table Tennis, Darts, Kid's Playground, Kayaking and even Board Games.

The use of Kayak boats is included in our day tour package but we didn't do it anymore. We just took photos by it.

We went inside the main hall where the Kara-e-nan Restaurant and Ereneman Bar are, this is also where you can find some of the activities that you can do in the resort like darts and billiards.

The resort also has a swimming pool but the use of it is not included in the day tour package. You will need to pay extra before you can use it.

After drinking some refreshments in the Ereneman Bar, we decided to explore the rest of the island and to see the other parts of the beach. We walked on the path where the solar-powered villas are and walked back to our spot in front of the resort through the mangroves boardwalk. We attempted to go to one of the magrove huts but learned that it was a station for the Philippine Coast Guard who mans the resort thus we just continue walking.

We also passed by a garden where some vegetables are being grown by the staff, like tomatoes, cauliflower, peppers, etc.; this is also where they get some of the ingredients for the food that they serve.


By the way, the resort has a spa named Paranarian Island Spa that offers Body Massages, Body Scrubs, Body Wraps, Foot Spas and Facials; but we didn't have the time and the extra money to avail of any of their services.


After doing more chilling and lounging, it was time to take a quick shower at the resorts shower area. After we were done, we just checked out other parts of the resort that we haven't seen. At the back of the building where the front desk is, is the souvenir store named Tabu-An but I didn't find any ref magnets there or any other interesting souvenir.

At exactly 4:00 pm we were asked to board the boat that will take us back to Sta. Lourdes wharf. 

All in all we truly enjoyed our day trip to Dos Palmas Island Resort. If ever God will again bless me with the chance to visit Puerto Princesa, I will definitely go back to this place and maybe next time we can stay in one of their villas.

Dos Palmas Island Resort & Spa
Manila Sales Office: 
Unit 1005 Antel Global Corporate Center, Julia Vargas Ave., Ortigas Center, Pasig City 1605 Philippines
Tel: (632) 637-4226, 637-4236 | Mobile: (+63917) 500-0154 | Fax: (632) 637-4230

Palawan Sales Office: 
89 Lacao St., Puerto Princesa City Palawan 5300 Philipiines
Tel: (6348) 434-3118 | Mobile: (+63917) 590-4442 | Fax: (6348) 434-5362

Tel: (+63917) 590 4451, (+63921) 3195670

Office Hours : Monday – Sunday (0900H to 2100H)


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  1. Napaka-ganda naman! I want to go to puerto princesa this summer 2015! Ang ganda ng beach at ang puti! :)

  2. Dos Palmas resort seems to be such a cool and awesome place. I wish to spend my holidays over there. Thanks for letting us know about this lovely place.


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