May 18, 2014


Since our stay in Puerto Princesa is for 4 ½ days, we did the city tour on our first and last day. Most city tours if availed through a travel agency, would only be a half day tour and you will only get to go to what is part of their itinerary. This is the freedom you can have if you choose to do your city tour in Puerto Princesa, DIY. Since most of the other destinations are optional tours, just like the Irawan Eco Park.

We visited the Irawan Eco Park solely because of their zipline. There are a lot of ziplines in Puerto Princesa like in Mitra’s Ranch and Ugong Rock; but Irawan Eco Park has a 1.3 kilometers long zipline, claimed to be the longest zipline ride in Asia. But there are a lot of things you can do here like, jungle survival training, camping, carabao-drawn cart ride, fishing, fish feeding, trekking, check out the rest house of former Mayor Hagedorn, the Skywalk Adventure and the butterfly farm.

We woke up early that day and travelled our way south to Irawan Eco Park for around 45 minutes, using still the services of Bryan and his trike. Our journey towards the park was a wonderful one, I  love the fresh smell of air and the sceneries on the side of the road.

Irawan Eco Park is located south of Puerto Princesa, it is a 3,000 hectares of protected land which is a part of the Irawan Watershed. This is where you can find the Pearl Museum that holds different kinds of South Sea and fresh water pearls that is one of the source of livelihood in Palawan.

We were the second batch of visitors for the day, the receptionist greeted us and ask us what type of ride we would avail; I chose the  regular one. I’m someone who’s not that really risky and adventurous, I even cried like a baby during my first time to snorkel, and this is my first time to ride a zipline. I was amazed at myself that I didn’t felt any fear at all during the entire experience.

After accomplishing the waivers, we were told to wait until the 4x4 vehicle arrives that will take us up in the mountain to the zip line site. I just lay on the hammocks while listening to and enjoying the sound of birds chirping and to the sound of the bamboo chimes and trees as the wind blows through them. It was the most relaxing and calming place to be. In that short span of time that I lay there I was filled with such happiness and feeling of gratefulness to the One who created it all and Who made this trip possible for me.

After a few minutes, the service arrived and we rode in it traversing the rough and dusty road going up to the zip line site.

At the zip line site the staff will explain a few safety rules and other  information. Then they helped us in putting the gear and lead us to the launch site where we climbed another 60+ steps.

The line at Irawan Eco Park is not a continuous, there are 4 stations  and 3 launching sites. After the first leg, we climb a few steps up to the next launching site for the second leg, we then climb another few steps up to the third launch site which looks like a tree house, btw. And the final descent  The last station is where your souvenir photo will be taken and it is just a few steps away from the receiving hall. You will pass by the other zipline that is meant for kids who are courageous enough to try it.

I was surprised at myself because I had the courage to try doing the zipline. While I was ziplining, I didn’t feel any fear at all, but instead I was amazed of the view of the rainforest and the Irawan River below me. In my head I was thinking, “So, this is what birds see and feel when they fly…” and I found it pretty awesome that I wanted to go again if only we had extra budget for it lol! It was just funny that before I reach the next stop, I slow down and came to full-stops and the ranger would always come, fetch and pull me onto the platform! The ranger said because my launch was slow and that the wind is strong too.

This part of our Puerto Princesa trip is one of the activities that we did that I truly enjoyed. Had we have enough money to spend I will definitely go again!

Irawan Eco Park
Zone 13, Brgy Irawan, Puerto Princesa,
Palawan, Philippines

Puerto Princesa Tour Assistance/Licensed Tour Guide:
Bryan Elivera - 09152788528

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