July 18, 2014

Because Inc.'s The Cream Factory and Saforelle Bloggers' Event

I was pretty surprised when Ms. Pie of Because Inc., the Philippine distributor of The Cream Factory (from the U.S.) and Saforelle (from France), contacted me. First was late last year, and second, a few weeks back, to invite me to Because Inc.’s Bloggers Event which is exclusive for bloggers. I didn’t know a company like theirs would somehow notice an unknown blog like mine and would take the time to check my blog or read its content, especially that most of my blog entries, for better lack of terms, are just so-so (believe me, I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and theirs are so well written compared to mine, hehe). Well, to be honest, I somehow felt like I’m a legit blogger after being invited and attending the The Cream Factory/Saforelle Bloggers Event (I don’t want anyone to think that it’s getting into my head, it’s just that I don’t usually get invited to bloggers’ events) More than being invited to such gathering, what puts a smile on my face is that I feel blessed that there are people who appreciate what I do; it’s completely a different notion from having validation (which I really don’t mind, I just doing what I love to do). I hope you guys get my point.

Anyway, I wasn’t able to attend Because Inc.’s first blogger event, I can’t remember why but it’s probably because my weekends are meant for sleeping, home tasks, wife duties and spending QT with my husband. But when I told my husband about this invitation from Because Inc., he encouraged me to go. He said he’s surprised on how personal Because’s way of reaching out to bloggers. Well that’s true, Ms. Pie added me on my personal Facebook page, emails and calls me on a constant basis to update me of when and where will the event be.

I attended the second The Cream Factory and Saforelle Bloggers' Event last Saturday at Because Inc.’s Pinterest-worthy/I-feel-like-inside-a-New-York-Apartment office. Seriously, that’s how I can best describe their office. I’ve been there with my husband a couple of months back to claim my TFC Scrub-In-A-Tub sample (which you can read the review here) and we both have the same admiration for how their office was beautifully designed and constructed. The office is with open spaces and its employees can work anywhere they want, at the long table or at the pantry or one of the couches. I know many of us would want something like that in our workplaces too!

Before the event proper started we were offered drinks, food, pica-picas and desserts. Me and my co-blogger Ysh of somethingyshy.com, whom I met at the event, even settled at the long table to eat, kinda made me feel like we were invited at a friend's house for late afternoon lunch. The Because Team were also super nice and even took the time to chat with us.

Because Inc. tries their best to be veer away from what other pharmaceutical or commercial brands do who offer bath and hygiene consumables. I believe them when they said Filipinas don’t have that many choices when it comes to beauty, bath and body products to use; most of the time we buy what we see on ads even though they don’t really give us the results that we want and the value for what our hard-earned money is worth. Because Inc.’s goal is to break that, that’s why they’re bringing in products that they know that will give us REAL choices, REAL value, REAL benefits and REAL results. The reason is that we, the consumers, are at the heart of everything that they do so they’re searching the world for products that matter to us.

The event was about starting a  #BathRevolution. This is to encourage and ensure every Filipino to change the way they think about taking a bath, to put a smile on our faces while and after we take a bath. They presented to us each product and discussed what makes them different from more commercialized counterparts. And they have shared to us some wonderful news and developments about Saforelle and The Cream Factory. Although I believe most of the attendees are already familiar with The Cream Factory (TCF) and Saforelle, not all of us have tried all of them. Like me for example, I’ve heard and read about Saforelle and TCF Bath Creams, but I was only able to experience the goodness of TCF Scrub-In-A-TubWith that being said, I would like to share with you what I came to learn about these wonderful bath and hygiene products.

Contrary to current notions, Saforelle is actually an all-over cleansing product directly imported from France. Yes it is prescribed as a feminine hygiene product, but you can actually use it for every inch of skin that’s in your entire body. It cleanses, soothens, moisturizes and effectively reduces irritations because it has a mild alkaline pH of 8 and lipid-enriched formula. It contains Burdock Extracts that has soothing and softening properties.

Unlike other feminine hygiene wash, Saforelle is safe for daily use (you can use it even twice a day) and contains no soap, colorants and parabens, in short, less chemicals or synthetic ingredients. Most of the reviews that Because Inc.  have gathered attest to the effectiveness of Saforelle and delivers to what it claims to give consumers. It is also highly concentrated so a little drop goes a long way.

Bloggers and even members of the Because team shared their wonderful experience after starting to use Saforelle. They even told us a story of a Saforelle-user who tried using it for her face and was surprised of its effects. I’ve been only using it since Sunday (I got one from the loot bag they gave us) and I must say it is really like no other I’ve tried before. I’m not saying this just for advertising purposes, I really feel clean and fresh all day, I swear! I’m a believer now! It is a little pricier than what I’ve been using but I don’t think I’m ever going back again.

The Cream Factory uses anti-oxidant-packed and easily absorbable Goat's milk combined with ingredients that are pure, honest, and of the highest quality available and uses extracts instead of essences (synthetic formulations that mimics the real ones)so that we will  get products of integrity, products that deliver results, enjoy the benefits of natural ingredients, and be free from the drastic effects of many harmful chemicals.

TCF Bath Creams
This are not just another creamy body wash, they are made with all the goodness and purity of real Netherlands goat’s milk so you can enjoy deeply moisturized skin without the filmy residue. Combined with goat milk are 100% Active Botanical extracts sourced from around the world that provide you with unique skin benefits.

TCF Bath Creams come in 12 luxurious, delicious-smelling variants that is personalized according to one’s needs. Here is the list of the variants and their what needs they’re targeting:
-Detoxifying: Goat Milk & Almond
-Brightening: Goat Milk & Mulberry
-Rejuvenating: Goat Milk & Witch Hazel
-Soothing: Goat Milk & Yogurt
-Radiating: Goat Milk & Avocado
-Germ-Killing: Goat Milk & Honey
-Revitalizing: Goat Milk & Seaweed
-Purifying: Goat Milk & Cinnamon
-Relaxing: Goat Milk & Chamomile
-Calming: Goat Milk & Lavender
-Clarifying: Goat Milk & Jojoba
-Age-Defying: Goat Milk & Açaí Berry

TCF Scrub-In-A-Tub
These yummy smelling deserts for the skin come in a 9 ounce tub and is divided into 3 categories, wherein each category represents how much exfoliating power you want and in each categories there are also several variants, again, depending on what benefits you want to experience.

Salty uses rock salts and is for deep exfoliation, Yummy  uses cocoa bean bits for medium exfoliation and Creamy is the most gentle of the three and uses almond bits. They’re super thick, effectively removes dead skin yet leaves you a super smooth and moisturized skin. Plus they have more variants now just like the TFC Bath Creams. You may want to read my rather more extensive blog post review here: Dessert anyone? The Cream Factory's Scrub-In-A-Tub Review

Now here comes the good news:
- Saforelle is now available in South Star Drugstores and will soon be available in Watson’s.

- Before The Cream Factory Bath Creams come in 2 sizes only, 26 fl. oz. bottle and 3-piece 7.5 fl. oz. bundle packs. Now you can get it in SINGLES! (7.5 fl. oz. bottles)

- The Cream Factory line is now available in Watson’s 

- The Cream Factory line’s prices have been reduced to make it more affordable to all Filipinas

Now ain't those enough reasons to get into the #BathRevolution bandwagon and start being excited, enjoying and smiling every time you take a bath?


The bunch of bloggers who attended the event was also the lucky audience for a sneak peak of what is yet to come from Because Inc. They unveiled a box from The Cream Factory in the U.S., (oh yes, still sealed!) especially sent over for this event containing new products and still labeled "Confidential Samples"! It was the first time for everyone to see what's inside and you guess it right, the attendees were the lucky few who will get first dibs on these still confidential face care set samples! Super cool!

I must say I truly enjoyed the Because Inc.'s The Cream Factory/Saforelle Bloggers Event. I was able to meet new acquaintances who share the same passion that I have for blogging, beauty products and whatnots.


What I loved most about the event, is how the Because team really took time to get to know us and how intimate & personal the event was (you might have an idea that I love intimate gatherings as evidenced by me having a wedding with only 75 people in attendance including our wedding vendors).

with Ysh of www.somethingyshy.com and Ms. Pie Fernando of Because Inc.

I went home with a set of the "Confidential Samples" plus a loot bag, with a tag bearing my name (see how personal they are?) stuffed with Saforelle, a TFC Bath Cream, a shower puff, a TFC Scrub-in-a-Tub, a CD  and personalized Thank You note. *Sigh* Now I have all the reasons to enjoy taking a bath, like everytime!

And oh before I forgot, The Cream Factory Beauty Van will be roaming around Metro Manila to spread the news about #BathRevolution. Be on the look out for it so you can have a dessert for your skin! And who knows you might take home a sample or two!


To know more about Because Inc., The Cream Factory and Saforelle and for latest news, updates, events and giveaways, you may want to check their social media sites:
Because Inc. Official Website: www.because.com.ph
Because Inc. Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/BecauseInc
The Cream Factory Official Website: www.dessertfortheskin.com
The Cream Factory Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/THECREAMFACTORYPH
Saforelle Facebook Page: www.facebook.com/SaforellePH

Until next time!

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