July 6, 2014

COCO Fashion: Asian Fashion at its Best

I love online shopping, (ok, most often than not, I go online  window shopping); it saves me time and energy walking inside malls and bazaars, not to mention the gas and parking costs. Moreover, when I go shopping, I usually know what will look good on me and what I want to buy and I already know my usual size. Most online stores put the sizing guides for each of their products and so far, after the few things that I’ve bought online, only a few of them doesn’t fit like a glove.

Nowadays there's no such thing as rules in fashion. Wear what you want as long as it reflects your personality and makes you comfortable, it will be alright. When it comes to my style, I tend to go for pieces that would usually fall into the categories of classic, chic, preppy, casual and/or vintage. And I would usually go for items that I can use on a daily basis; versatile enough to wear dress up or dress down and for work or for casual days.

Good thing that there a lot of online clothing stores who carry Asian Fashion fits my sense of style. I have come across another online store that meets my style standards. Ladies, I present to you COCO Fashion

Coco Fashion is not a newbie in online clothing and accessories store, they have been an established business for quite some time now. But only a few days ago that I happen to stumble upon their website. If you are not familiar with them yet let me introduce them to you.

Coco Fashion a Hong Kong-based web store who caters to both men and women and offers a wide range of apparel, accessories, bags and shoes. They aim to give their clients fashion at its best. Coco Fashion presents an exceptional lineup of Korean, Thai, Chinese, and Japanese clothing that can match any fashion style. From casual to formal wear, their online clothing store has everything to complete your look. They  have dresses, blouses, blazers, tunics, pants, and leggings for women. Their collection also includes a wide range of jackets, shirts, and trousers for men. They are one the best place to find that stunning outfit for an upcoming party or comfortable wear when you go out with friends for the weekend.

I have brought back my love for dresses and started building my dress collection all over again. A few months back I noticed that I have been wearing mostly jeans and trousers paired with blouses at work or whenever I go out, and that doesn't make me feel like I'm truly a girl. Plus my wardrobe got so limited too that I decided to purchase more dresses than blouses and jeans. You can never go wrong with wearing a dress, because you'll never know when an occasion will call for it and you find yourself clueless on what to wear.

I've browsed through COCO Fashion's Dress Collection and found some really pretty pieces that I want to add to my ever-growing dress collection. And yes you got it right they went straight to my wishlist box and pinned them to my Pinterest account for future reference (or shall I say purchase hehehe). These are very versatile pieces that I know I can use for work or during casual days, they can also be dressed up or dressed down depending on the occasion. Now, that's what you call value for your money.

I also checked their Tops/Blouses collection and totally loved these pieces:

To complete any outfit, you must always pick the perfect accessories. And I'm happy to let you know that Coco Fashion still got you covered on that aspect. They have a pretty wide collection of shoes and bags that you will totally love! Here's my favorites:

Coco Fashion has something for everybody, they even have a Men's Section/Collection! So if you're trying to find a stylish gift for your husband, boyfriend, brother, father or any male relative or acquaintances, you might want to check it out too!

Coco Fashion also takes pride in having quality pieces that meet any budget. They check every item for manufacturing defects before shipping them to guarantee the product's quality.

They always update their  Japanese and Korean clothing online so always check their catalog for new products. And did I mention they also offer Free Shipping to anywhere in the world?

Register today so you can start shopping for the best Asian fashion items from COCO Fashion! I'm definitely sure you will love what they have to offer!

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  1. I totally agree with you, online shopping is so convenient to all and it saves us from a lot of hassles. I have heard about this store Jen and i love their stuff its so cute <3

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