March 27, 2015

Caipirinha Sunset... ALON Island Essentials’ Summer Kick Off Party

I believe I was destined to be born in a place with warm weather, I easily get cold and can’t even stand to stay long in a place with too much air-conditioning. I love it when sunshine hits my skin, when I feel the sand under my feet and smell the sweet scent of the ocean breeze. I want to believe I am a sea nymph with mermaid dreams…  who doesn’t know how to swim properly and cried the first time she tried to snorkel LOL! But I have slowly overcome them and I plan to take proper swimming lessons very very soon. I also love going to the beach and when it comes to beach fashion, I believe I am more of a resort-type kind of beach girl, I love to wear pretty summer dresses and cover-ups complemented with well-thought of accessories.
Speaking of something related to the beach and sea… last weekend I was invited and I attended a pool party entitled Caipirinha Sunset, by my officemate/good friend Leia, to her sister’s ALON Island Essentials’ Summer Kick Off Party. It was the launch of ALON’s Summer 2015 collection and where they also introduced new products and  partner brands. It was held at the pool deck of Bramante Piazza Renaissance Towers in Meralco Avenue, Pasig City. The party had an island vibe complete with soothing music, free massages, summer-inspired food,  drinks and cocktails and a beautiful set up showcasing ALON and its partner brands have to offer. Even though the rain almost threatened the event, the party definitely transported everyone to the beach and made everyone excited for the upcoming Summer.
ALON is the Filipino term for wave. ALON Island Essentials was founded in 2013 by five friends, namely, Aya, Carina, Lourdes, Mailet and Winnie who all share the love for the beach, sea, nature, diving and outdoor sports. 

ALON Island Essentials first started (and is their primary line) as a beach/resort/lounge wear brand: ALON Wear, which brings every woman to a fashion state where she is one with the seas. 

ALON Wear celebrates island living in their well thought of beach clothing basics. Their pieces  suits every woman with various tastes and shapes. Each style comes in different colors and prints and there are pieces  that are even suitable for pregnant and lactating mothers! 

As the years go by, additions to the brand came along: ALON Skin, ALON Pluses and ALON Home.

ALON Skin is a selection of delicately concocted skin care products that are all natural, organic, island-specific and sea creature-friendly. ALON Skin is proudly locally made and addresses varying skin needs in the island (and in the urban setting as well):

+ The Art of Tanning - is the first and only local and organic tanning skin set for the healthiest and most glowing tan

The Olive Garden - skin nourishing and moisturizing products that are olive oil based perfect in the wet and dry seasons (smells really really great!)

The Sun and Sea Skin Kit - for skin and hair protection from the sun and sand mites.

+ ALON Baby, is the newest addition to the Alon Skin Line. Baby-tested and baby-safe products made of the purest and nature-derived essential oils that will surely make your baby a naturally happy one!

Another addition to the Alon Island Essentials brand is the ALON Home. As of the moment this sub-brand of ALON carries carefully crafted aromatherapy diffusers made of nature-derived oils and essentials that will surely bring the soul of the seas and nature back to your home.  I tested all the scent during the Caipirinha Sunset Party and my favorite is the scent Tides, its smell definitely brought me back to the sea.

ALON also caters to an assortment of island and city supplemental needs like handcrafted accessories, swimwear, sand proof beach mats and multi-purpose beach bags through their line called ALON Pluses. They have teamed up with the following brands in support of truly Filipino-made products by individual women and/or local communities.
+ Basey – classic all function banig (woven mat) updated with vibrant canvas quick-dry and sand repellant. Proudly made by the women of Basey, Samar as a post-Yolanda rehabilitation project of Alon.

+ Sidlan – the first-of-its-kind multi-purpose lifestyle bag that transforms from a bag into a mat, into a slip-on blanket, into a surf board carrier and everything in between! It is sand repellant and quick dry and lined with a special Philippine fabric by rural Filipina sewers. I was super amazed when the owner Zel was demonstrating how to use this bag/mat because of the many ways that you can use and fold it depending the need for that moment. This is one great innovation by a Filipina of the usual beach/picnic mat. You can check out Sidlan here: Facebook / Instagram

+ Naked Sun – is a brand that expresses an easy, elegant lifestyle of sun, sea, and city with their swimwear that has classic silhouettes, sleek and flawless fit rendered in strong, beautiful fabrics and materials.

Also present in the event were brands Aklat Eklat (handmade leather crafts for your precious stuff) 
 and Retablo Manila (handmade ‪women's ‎fashion accessories‬). 

It was such an intimate and laid back yet fun party with great food, drinks, music and a welcoming crowd. I guess I have to say that my favorite part was when a couple danced Tango by the pool (where the guy was a professional Tango instructor), it was such a lovely moment, really. 

I was fortunate enough to go home with a huge Caipirinha Sunset party loot bag filled with a couple of ALON Island Essentials products, which got me super excited to immediately plan another beach trip so I have an excuse to use them!  But most of all I was happy to see and talked to my good friend Leia before she moves with her family to their home town in Samar.

You can find ALON Island Essentials  in local bazaars around the metro, doing trunk shows and pop-store displays in neighboring provinces and beaches. 

To know where you can check out their items next, you can follow them on their social media networks:
Instagram: @alonisland
Hashtag: #alonisland

ALON Skin is also available at: Mandala Spa & Villas, Boracay Island

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