March 14, 2015

Lace Lovin' from SammyDress

I love clothes made or adorned with laces. If you would rummage through my wardrobe, you would find a lot of pieces with lace details. I have this somewhat soft spot for anything lace, maybe because I associate it with anything old world and I like to believe that I am an old soul and that in my past life I lived in an era that clothes are more elaborate and delicately-made. I believe that my clothes made of or adorned with lace are the prettiest pieces in my wardrobe and I just can’t get enough of them!

I certainly believe that any piece of clothing or accessory when lace is added transforms that item into something that is chic, elegant, vintage, feminine and royal-worthy. Lace is such a timeless creation; it's probably one of those textile pieces that have been used in a thousand and one ways since time immemorial. Also, have you noticed that lace clothing pieces never go out of style; they always dominate the fashion scene whatever the season maybe.

Apparels made of Lace can be a little bit costly especially if it is made of silk or linen. But we girls should be grateful that our generation has produced a technology (machine-made) that would enable us to wear lace-adorned or full-lace clothing items even if we are not royals or elites in society.

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Searching for a key piece of clothing with a decidedly feminine appeal? Discover what has to offer, downright beautiful lace items plus discounted prices. I can assure you though that affordability won’t compromise quality when purchasing from

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Update your wardrobe with this season’s most irresistible lace dresses from From subtle day lace dresses to ultra-sexy black lace dresses and lace adorned jumpsuits, shorts, skirts and tops; Sammydress has a perfect array of lace clothing pieces to suit every style and are perfect + flattering for all occasions.
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  1. I love lace too. But the long dress form of lace since I have to be covered and all ya know?

  2. Amazing selection! I love these dress!

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