March 24, 2015


If you have been visiting my blog regularly, you might well know that I am a huge fan of and I mostly get my dresses from this online store. I just love the styles that they release especially those that are from their Pre-Sale Collection; wherein you can buy new arrival clothing items of up to 50% off for a certain length of time and then they will go back to their regular prices after the pre-sale period. Sheinside also offer new promotions every week that helps you score discounts; so whenever I see an item on my wish list that is already on sale, there’s a great possibility that I will add it to my shopping cart.

But…. this would probably be one of the last few write ups about my Sheinside hauls that I’m going to do. Ever since our local customs got super super strict when it comes to claiming packages sent from outside of the Philippines and that I have to always muscle them out to make them understand that some of these packages were purchased using store bonus points or after joining & winning one or two of Sheinside’s regular giveaways (meaning I got some of them for free).
Anyhoo, this collective haul is a mixture of items I bought from Pre-Sale, using a cash coupon code that I won from one of Sheinside’s contests and using my bonus points that I have accumulated for several months. I also received additional bonus points from one of the activities of the Sheinside Publisher Program (if you’re interested to be a publisher/affiliate member of you can check out a detailed blog post about it HERE, HERE and HERE.)
So here’s the newest items I got from
Nude Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse +

I got this one from the Sheinside Pre-Sale collection which was 50% off of its regular price at that time. What drew me to get it is the pleated details at the back. I haven’t seen any blouse with this type of design until that day. There’s something to pleats/pleated apparel that really looks vintage-y and ultra feminine. Plus the nude color of this blouse really looks good in any skin color. 

I always get a bigger size than my normal size especially when I’m buying from online Asian clothing stores because most often than not they run pretty small , it’s always a hit or a miss. But I was surprised when I received this item because it was too big for me. Good thing my trusty-old portable sewing machine is always there to rescue. So I was able to alter the blouse to fit me better. 

The chiffon cloth used for this blouse is super sheer almost like a gauze, but the front part has two layers which I thought gave me pretty much the cover that I need and that I don’t have to wear a cami underneath it anymore. Good thing it’s already summer and I have an excuse to wear it more often and just fold the sleeves up until my elbows. Overall I like this blouse, I can pair it with jeans and trousers if I want to use to at work or pair it with denim shorts for casual days or when I am out and about on weekends.

You can check out this blouse here: Nude Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse
V Neck Short Sleeve Zip Lace Embellished Dress -

Besides pleats I also have a profound fondness for lace, and I have a handful of lace dresses to attest to that and that’s the reason why I bought this dress. I  bought this during Pre-Sale and it took a while for the dress to be delivered. To my dismay, what was sent to me was a different color from what was posted during the Pre-Sale. The original color had a light brown underlining and what I received has a peach underlining. At first I thought it didn’t looked good under a grayish lace, but when I tried it on, it look pretty awesome.

color available during Pre-Sale

what I received:

I was also concerned if the dress would fit me because the sizing given during the pre-sale was kind of doubtful. I have been having a hit or miss experience with Sheinside’s sizing guide. But I was happy that it fitted me like a glove! Although I must say I had been dieting and trying to lose weight these past couple of months so it may have been a factor too.


It is downright a really beautiful dress, the combination of the details looks odd at first but all in all it creates a pretty piece of clothing. It isn’t sheer at all too so need to wear any slip-on underneath, but make sure to wear seamless undies because it has somehow a bodycon fit. This can take me to night outs, parties and weddings. I am in love with this dress!


You can check out this blouse here: V Neck Short Sleeve Zip Lace Embellished Dress
Blue Sleeveless Vertical Stripe Backless Dress -

This dress has long been standing in my wish list and only last month that I decided to finally get this it. I was thinking of sewing a dress exactly like it but I thought, what the heck, it would take me forever just to be able to sew one and I would spare myself the all the hassle if I just buy this one from Sheinside. It’s one of the cutest and girliest dresses I have had in my entire life. It looks so young, fresh and vintage, kinda reminds me of the 1950s fashion.


This dress also fit me like a glove and the length is just enough too! I ordered a size bigger than I usually would buy, and that is always the case with China-based online stores most of them run smaller than the normal international sizing.  I wore it on our way flight back home from a recent beach trip that I took a few weeks ago. I paired it with my girly sneakers and I felt like I was channeling Taylor Swift in my outfit that day: a girly-girl vintage cut summer dress, sneakers and colored sunnies. Pretty cool huh?

You can also wear this dress the other way around with the buttons in front, you know, during those days when you want to feel more like a woman than a girl, like the photo below. But wearing it the proper way looks awesome too and the when you turn around it gives you that just enough sexy-ness without looking slutty but rather cutesy! Just don’t forget to wear a boyleg underwear or cycling shorts because the skirt tends to get easily pulled up when you sit. 

This dress has a great construction and made of seer-sucker fabric that isn’t sheer and is surprisingly cheap.  I can tell you all will agree with me when I say that this dress is so adorable and is the ultimate Spring to Summer dress.

You can check out this blouse here: Blue Sleeveless Vertical Stripe Backless Dress

- Mint Sleeveless Halter Pleated Maxi Dress - 

Remember that I have a fatal attraction to clothes with pleats? And the moment I saw this dress, I knew that I gotta have it, especially that it is in one of the colors that I truly adore: turquoise green! I can’t rave enough about this dress, everything about it is a-maze-ing! The dress was too long for my height though, that I needed to cut it to my desired length before I can actually wear it. It was like it was meant for a woman who’s 5’9- 6 feet tall, oh if only I had that height it would seem like I am wearing a dress that is meant for a Greek goddess.


The fabric used for this dress is sheer but thank goodness it came with a lining so no need to wear a slip underneath it. And the neckline detailing that connects the top part of the dress is downright gorgeous, I think it’s a necklace made to use as an accessory to the dress, it added so much elegance to this already pretty dress on its own. The waist part is elastic so it was very comfortable to wear.

I wore this during our flight to our recent trip to one of the best beach destinations in my country. And I would say it’s also a perfect summer and/or beach dress because it blends with the color of the sea. Moreover, you can also wear this in any spring/summer event or a beach or garden wedding (in case you’re attending one any time soon). I couldn’t be any happier with this dress!

You can check out this blouse here: Mint Sleeveless Halter Pleated Maxi Dress

All in all, I am pretty much satisfied with my recent haul with Everything was in superb quality and I am excited to wear or use each and every item. Again, just a tip, always order a size up and just have it altered to your size than order the size you think would fit you and get an item that is smaller.
Interested on these items? Just click the descriptions of the products to check more details and if they are still available. So if you love any of these grab them fast before they sold out.
 >> Nude Long Sleeve Pleated Back Blouse (click here for more details)
>> V Neck Short Sleeve Zip Lace Embellished Dress (click here for more details)

 >> Blue Sleeveless Vertical Stripe Backless Dress (click here for more details)
>> Mint Sleeveless Halter Pleated Maxi Dress (click here for more details)
Thanks for dropping by and until my next  and probably my last Sheinside Collective Haul post!

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  1. Hi I love the dress, and would like to order it. Can you tell me which size is yours? And usually which european size do you wear?
    I usually wear a 38 (EU size). I think from photos we both dress the same size.

    1. Hey regina what dress are your referring to? I dont know my euro size though but whenever I purchase something from China/HongKong-based online seller I usually get L or XL (their sizing are usually smaller than usual) since my bust size is 36c and my hips size is 40inches. I just do some alteration to them to fit me better but most of the time L fits me well. You can always refer to's s8ze chart. Hope that helps. :-)

  2. AnonymousJune 03, 2015

    Hi po, how much po usually nilalagay nila na total value? as gifts din po ba nila dinedeclare?

    1. hello dear, you send a message to their customer service to declare or mark your package at $10 and as a gift. That's what I usually do.


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