May 5, 2015

Beauty Queen Dreams

When I was young, I love watching beauty pageants and my favorite part of the program would be the evening gown competition. I always look forward to what the candidates would wear and if they will carry the dresses with such poise and statuesque elegance. I would anticipate the time when the individual scores will be flashed on the screen and I would make some guesses on who might be bagging the “best in evening/long gown.”


As the years passed, I still continue to watch beauty pageant and I have noticed a great deal of change for the long evening dresses that pageant contestants are wearing. Of course they have become more modern and more skin is being shown.

Less sequins are being used and designers tend to veer more of beads, crystals and lace for appliqués. Velvet and satin have become a thing of the past and chiffon, embroidered, lace or stretchy fabrics are now the material of choice. Colors to be used are also being well thought of. Gone are the days of too bright and too pale colors, neutrals and basics are the colors that would equate with elegance. Nonetheless, I still enjoy watching the contestants strut their stuff and be beauty queens.

While growing up, I would also make sketches of evening dresses with very elaborate details hoping one day I could have them made and wear them to some event I would attend. Unfortunately I never became a fashion designer nor have attended something so glamorous that would require me to wear something like it.

But who knows, I might still have that chance to walk in some red carpet event somewhere someday. And by the time that happens, I will surely wear one of the evening dresses I used to sketch when I was a little girl.

Dresses featured in this article can be found here:  1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6

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