May 26, 2015

Bringing Sexy Back

Backless dresses started to gain popularity during the 1920s. That time was still considered very modest era and the only way women can show off their beautiful bodies especially during the summer time. The style of backless dresses became associated with the sun tanning fashions of that time, and it was a way of showing off a tan. 

A backless dress is a dress designed to expose the wearer's back. A backless dress is most commonly worn on formal occasions or as evening wear or as wedding dresses and can be of any length, from a halter-top to a miniskirt-length to floor-length.

Some associate it with the illusion of nudity because you can’t wear a separate brassiere to have support around your chest area, well because obviously it will show. With this dilemma, most backless, open-back or low back outfits have built in bra or some opt not to wear anything underneath at all. These types of dresses is a great way to flaunt one’s curves especially for those who spent a lot of time toning their bodies, including their backs, at the gym or by doing other popular exercises.

But fret not; I don’t think slender women or those with very-toned bodies can wear them backless dresses. I think it’s a matter of being confident with your body that you could wear a dress as sexy as that. I, for instance, don’t have a slender and toned body and I’m so lazy with exercise, but I was able to wear low back dresses without feeling any bit embarrassed or whatsoever.

But of course, you must know when and where to wear such a style of clothing. I think it’s very inappropriate to wear something like it when going to the mall or to the office. These type of dresses would be ideal to wear to a formal event, party, or if you’re one of those who go clubbing during Friday and Saturday nights. For years now, backless dresses have been a favorite evening gown style in most major red carpet events like the Oscars, Met Gala and Cannes Film Festival. has an amazing and wide selection of affordable backless/low-back/open-back dresses for any occasion. The dresses featured in this article are actually from this site which you can check out here if you want to walk into a room, look over your shoulder, and find all eyes on you in your sexy backless frock.

What do girls think of these backless dresses and have you already worn one? How did it make you feel? Comments are welcome so share your thoughts!
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