May 7, 2015

The Battle of Chiffon Vs Satin

Will you agree if I say it’s hard being a girl or a female? I bet you would. We have so many things to do just to keep up with the world’s standard of beauty and success. Sometimes when I look at all my stuff (clothes, shoes, make-ups, beauty products, bags and other knick-knacks) I end up wondering how did I ever end up having all of them and how can just one person own so many things and the irony of it is that, whether we want to admit it or not, we still want and buy some more to add to our pile of thingamajigs.

And that doesn’t end there…  We women also are complicated beings. We always have a hard time deciding on what we want, so we end up doing all things at once or buying a product in all its varieties. I bet by now you’re nodding in agreement while reading this.

When a woman starts to plan for her wedding, this doesn’t spare her from being the fickle-minded creature that she is. Again, I couldn’t reiterate that enough. I’ve witness some of my sister’s clients (she’s a wedding couturier by the way), after giving them 5-6 options of wedding gown sketches, some still can’t make up their minds on which design to and what type of fabric to choose and use. One even took 2 months to decide on what she wanted. Well, you can’t ever blame a bride, after being bombarded with lots of Pinterest photos and ideas, I would understand if she wants everything to be in her wedding dress and in her wedding per se.

Some will just come to a point what fabric to use. Do they want it to be flow-y or structured for that regal-ness purpose? This is where the battle between chiffon versus satin starts to brew. Each woman has their own taste and their vision of their wedding gown. But they must consider the place where their wedding will be held. For a garden or beach or any outdoor wedding chiffon gowns are the most idealistic, I guess, in my opinion. If it’s a church wedding or some formal fancy hall, a more solid fabric should be used, thus a satin wedding dress would be more appropriate this time.

It would be better for a bride to check out cheap chiffon wedding dresses or satin gowns online to see if she can get it ready made or custom-made. It would also give her more concrete ideas for her wedding dress. Thus this lessens her hard time of picking the final design for her dress on her big day.


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