June 14, 2016

Crop It Like It's Hot

This past year and up until now I've been seeing a lot of crop tops taking the fashion arena by the storm. Everywhere I look or when I browse online, women are sporting this trend that reminds me somewhat of the 90s era where midribs were the in thing. I was a kid or teen back then and a chubby one at that which didn't allow me to wear one back in the day. Well up until now that is still the case so I still couldn’t wear them. But yeah if I had the body I would.

Crop tops are clothing items where the lower part is falls high enough to expose the waist, navel or some of the mid section of the torso. It is generally limited to female garments, but if men want to wear them, no one's going to stop them hahaha!

 Long Sleeve High Neck Mermaid Long Satin Sequined Mint Green Two Piece Prom Dress WNPD0303 

Even with casual wear, swimsuits, formal wear, evening gowns or prom dresses, crop tops are dominating the scene. I even come across ladies wearing ones while strolling in the mall, because yeah, why not?

Some may find it to wear crop tops for formal events but we live in 2016 and everything can be worn now as long as you own it or you can rock it. Since I always browse the web for anything and everything; I have even came across two piece prom dresses. They actually look nice and dated, appropriate for our fashion forward generation. A little risky and might get you an invitation from the school's principal after the prom, so check with your academe's policies first before sporting one on your prom night.

Black Long Sleeve A-Line Bateau Floor Length Satin Two Piece Prom Dress WNPD0422

You can find a lot of these crop top prom dresses at WinnieDress, they've got all sorts of it, from simple to all glammed up ones with embroideries, pearls, rhinestones or sequins.

Pink Mermaid Short Sleeve Scoop Beaded Long Satin Two Piece Prom Dress WNPD0351

Go casual or glam in the cutest cropped and bustier tops, with sequins, lace, and fringe. Find one that'll suit you best under their prom dresses under 200 and enjoy the night away with a cute prom date in tow. ;-)

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