June 28, 2016

Feel Like A Girly-Girl with Fashionmia Dresses

What things make you feel like a true girl? Is it wearing make up? Is it constantly wearing dresses? Is it growing your hair long? Is it wearing earrings and other jewelries? Is it when you receive flowers and chocolates?

As for me, I feel the girliest when I wear dresses. Nowadays I rarely wear dresses to work because our work place is  quite cold and I easily shiver. So I always end up donning trousers and blouses. But on weekends, if I have something to do or somewhere go to; a dress is usually my first choice to wear.

My dresses to trousers + blouses collection have a good ratio. It's just a bit unfortunate that I don't get to wear my dresses that often. I also commute to and from work and I find it quite a hassle to wear dresses when I do my daily commute, I really don't know why. But doesn't mean I would stop shopping for dresses especially when I see something on the rack or online that I really like.


Most often than not, I don't spend that much for clothes, I usually look for pretty but cheap dresses either at the mall or online. I do most of my apparel shopping online most of these days though because I find them way convenient than scouring inside boutiques and malls.

Like this website www.fashionmia.com which I recently discovered. They offer quite a handful of fashionable cheap clothes for women. A lot of the dresses that they offer suits my style. And yep they went straight to my wish list cart for future purchase.

You lovelies should check it out! For the complete collection of Fashionmia's dress collection you can go to this link to browse: http://www.fashionmia.com/dresses-53/. My dress wishlist featured in this blog post can also be found on that link. Have fun shopping and I hope you'll find dresses that will make you feel like the complete and beautiful girl that you are!

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  1. All of these dresses are so pretty! Thank you for sharing!


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