July 1, 2016

Itty Bitty Mini-Skirts

It took me years to accept my petite height, ever since then I wished I would have grown 3-4 inches taller. Unfortunately both sides of my family really don't have that good height gene; both just have average heights and most of the women from both sides of the family are mostly petite.

There's a study that taller people have more advantages than shorter ones and I believe that to be true. For one it is a confidence booster, it's literally being able to stand tall. You're also being noticed easily - always. There's least chance for you being bullied or pushed around. Some jobs also require strict height requirements, so even if you're not that qualified you can sometimes get in.

There are some advantages of being short too but it's not a lot. But the things is we must not dwell on those instead love and accept the body that we are blessed with. Also there are things we can do to make us short girls look tall than we really are. You know, stuff that we can fake 'til we can make it. 

For example, wearing short dresses or mini-skirts to show more of our legs which somehow gives an illusion of longer legs. I know that very well because sometimes people mistake me as 2-3 inches taller than my real height and they are surprised to find out that how short I really am.

It's ok to wear maxi or midis but they tend to usually cut your height in lengths that are unflattering for a petite woman. So the go-to is really miniskirts or short dresses. Just stay away from raunchy looking items or too-short ones that screams inappropriateness. Always go for the classy yet stylish pieces and for sure it's a no fail look.

Find these featured mini skirt wish list of mine and the full mini skirt collection here at www.stylewe.com

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  1. I love the clothes,and thanks for your sharing.

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