July 4, 2016

Chimara - Feel Good Kitchen at U.P. Town Center

I think I have tried most of the diet fads that ever existed to achieve better weight. But since I was born with a body that easily retains fat than loses it, my weight have yin-yanged through the years. I am not also able to sustain those diets as well. I read from somewhere that in order to maintain a healthy body or a certain diet, it should be part of your lifestyle.

To be honest I don't know if can ever go vegan or vegetarian. I love meats too much and I know I can't live without eating them. What I also know is that everything done in moderation is good. So what I do is try to balance the ratio of meats and veggies that I eat. But I am open for anything and I love trying new things. Just like trying this new restaurant in U.P. Town Center called Chimara Feel Good Kitchen.

Chimara is a neo-vegan restaurant. It has its first branch in Greenbelt 5 but they have revamped their menu to cater to more clients, also to be more appealing to people who are afraid to try anything that says vegan on it. I went there with my couple friends, wherein the husband doesn't eat any meat because of a health condition; which makes this resto a perfect place for him.

I've had my fair share of bad experiences with veggie meats, but I have found 2 places where I can get them without fearing of that super artificial taste and one of them is Chimara.

Their menu looks appetizing, really. It wasn't intimidating too because most of the flavors are familiar ones. So here's what we got to try:

Asian Sesame Tofu Salad - roasted sesame tofu, Asian sesame dressing, lettuce, apple, carrot, beet roots, crushed tofu chips and snow peas. This is absolutely awesome (I'm cursing in my mind while I am writing this because it is that good!) The salad dressing left me speechless!

Tuna Wasabi Aioli Wrap - seasoned tuna, wasabi aioli, lettuce, cherry tomatoes, mangoes, cucumber, celery, peanuts. I have to say this is my favorite from all the things we tried! The combination of tuna and wasabi aioli is sooo perfect. It was so good that I had to order another one for take out!

Tofu Cheese Pesto Pasta - fresh tofu, pesto sauce,cherry tomatoes, Quezo Blanco, Parmesan cheese cashew nuts. Who would have thought tofu, cheese and pesto would go along quite well. The melted cheese on top of everything was heaven!

Faux Beef Salpicao Rice - faux beef salpicao, garlic aioli, sauteed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, toasted garlic. I was so surprised on how the faux beef tasted like real beef. But of course the grainy texture of beef was missing but the taste made up for that. It was paired with brown rice which I think went well with the garlicky flavor of this dish.

Soy Ginger Chicken Pasta - peppered chicken, soy ginger sauce, carrots, snow peas, peanuts. A complete Asian flavor in one plate. I am guessing this will go well with brown rice too.

Spicy Tuna Pomodoro Ciabatta - seasoned tuna, spicy Pomodoro sauce, cucumber peanuts, Parmesan cheese. It isn't that spicy which was very favorable for me because I don't really eat too spicy food. The sandwich to filling ratio was ample and the tomato flavor is satisfying. This is also a must-order!

Drinks: I am Calm (for tranquility) - a soothing concoction of apple, carrot, ginger perfect for a quick de-stress. I am Wise (for clarity) - a memory-enhancing mix of mango, apple, and tomato to invigorate your mind. I am Strong (for immunity) -  a rich combination of apple, beet root and carrot for that much needed strength boost. The I am Wise is the most safe to order if you're not a hardcore juicer because it tastes mostly of fruit flavors. I am Calm was too gingery but something I can handle because I used to go juicing. The beet flavor of I am Strong was too much for me but I know that it is really that way I tried juicing beets before and nothing can tome down its flavor. But it would have been better if the veggie flavors were masked by fruit flavors especially for customers who are new to the juicing scene.

Hearty Pop - love the subtle salt and cheese flavors on these popcorn. 

Tofu Chips - they didn’t taste anything like tofu and just like plain nacho chips which is good because not all people are fond of tofu, unlike me who's a fan of tofu and can go for days just eating them.

What I love about Chimara:
- You can customize your order. Feel like eating a sandwich for this day?You can do so. Craving for pasta? Order your dish with it. Going green for lunch? Have a salad then.
- The kitchen is open and you can see how your food is being prepared fresh and clean.
- It’s a good option if you're a beginner neo-vegan and trying to start to eat healthy. It will ease you in slowly
- The combination of ingredients for each dish is perfectly curated and will appeal to anyone.
- The dishes are colorful, thus very appetizing unlike other vegan dishes that look so boring from the get-go.

What do you guys think? Going neo-vegan soon? I know most of us are certified carnivores but eating healthy won’t hurt once in a while and it's good for you. Check out Chimara's new branch and see for yourself, details are posted down below.

Ground Floor, UP Town Center, Katipunan Avenue, 
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines
Contact No: 0949 993 9205
Email: chimara@tatersgroup.com

For more information, complete menu and restaurant reviews, check out their Zomato profile: 
Chimara Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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