July 19, 2016

Things You Should Know When Import Wedding Dress From China

You can get more profits if importing wedding dress from China, if you plan to purchase cheap and fine products for your bridal shop, China wedding dress market must be priority considered. But it is not easy for the new guys to import wedding dresses oversea, so many problems to consider in advance, such as the following.


Factory Production Time: Of course it is best to purchase satisfied products off the shelf directly, but most of the factories don’t have products in stock, stock of wedding dress is only as displayed in showroom. The production time of the wedding dress is about one month, however fast for other formal dress, such as cocktail dresses and simple evening dresses. The length of the production time depends on the complexity of the products and the factory’s production capacity. Usually, simpler products, shorter production time; larger factories and better equipment will make their production time shorter.

MOQ Problem: Must go to two cities in China to purchase wedding dress - Suzhou and Guangzhou. MOQ of most of Guangzhou wedding dress factories is 10 pieces, the quantity is one in Suzhou. With the development of Suzhou wedding market in recent years, some small Guangzhou factories don’t have MOQ limits.

How to Pay: If purchase more, you need choose a safe payment method, such as L/C. Cooperation with factories is not like shopping online, you need pay attention to many things, at first you should choose a reliable supplier. Normally you could make payment by bank transfer or PayPal. What’s more, the deposit is 30% to 50%, and some factories need you pay full advance payment before production.

Control Quality: How to control the quality is an important issue you need to face when import wedding dress from oversea, it is impossible to go to factory to check production every day, so before cooperate with factory, it is necessary to order a sample. Wedding dress is not like other dress, it need you pay more attention, especially when modify the product. So it is not surprising that some entrepreneurs prefer to cooperate with trade companies, though the cost would be higher but they could assure the quality and you could be avoid of the trouble of communication with factories. Of course, it better to inspect the factory before cooperate with the trade companies.

About Language Barrier: The language barrier is a big problem; many purchasers who want to wholesale wedding dresses from overseas but give up because of the language barrier. The sales men from most Chinese factories only could speak some simple English, so you don't expect them being good at English. If you want to visit the factories, it is necessary to hire a translator, especially it would be helpful to negotiate.

Shipping Term: Usually by air and sea. By air, it is safe and fast but expensive. If not urgent, you could choose by sea, it could save more cost. So choose which transport ways and transport cost, you need to communicate with factories, usually factories are familiar with freight forwarding companies who can help you to deal with transportation issues, and all you need to do is pay shipping cost. If you think the cost is higher, you can try to contact your own freight forwarding companies and let your factory transfer the goods to them.

All these problems, everyone who want to import wedding dress from oversea should face and solve, you should notice if you can’t inspect the factory, you should know whether the factory have ability to finish your orders. Listed the supplier’s information, and communicate with them one by one, and confirm which factories you could cooperate with. If you are looking for wedding dress factories to cooperate, you can contact Jusere – a reputable wedding dress factory who comes from Suzhou, if you have the opportunity to go to Suzhou, you must remember to visit their factories and showroom.

About Jusere:
1. Stronger strength. Jusere Wedding & Evening Dress Co., Ltd was founded in 2002, not only have their own factory, but also has a team of more than 20 designers and Suzhou's biggest wedding dress showroom (very few factories has its own team of designers, even have but usually no more than 10 persons).
2. High quality, no MOQ. As the most representative wedding dress factory in Suzhou, not only high quality but also provide customization services, for some buyers who require customization service, it is undoubtedly good news.
3. Short production cycles, a big stock of products to choose. Because the company is large, complete production processes etc., normally the production time is within one month. Because there are two large stores at local, so there is a lot of inventory products.

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