July 8, 2016

ShopBack PH: Shop Online and Get Your Cash Back!

Well if it's not obvious enough you all know how much I love shopping (and window shopping too) but nowadays I mostly do my shopping online. I rarely go to the mall just to browse the racks. If you catch me in the mall it's most likely that I am there doing errands than shopping. With my current work, I do not have the luxury to go malling and on weekdays I would rather rest at home or attend blogging events or hang out with friends than waste time walking around the mall.

That's why I love things that are on the go like online shopping --which I can do with my smartphone wherever and whenever. That's why I am thankful for sites like Lazada, Zalora, Aliexpress, Sephora Philippines, et al because they carry the brands that I would usually shop at without me trekking to the mall.

And guess what?! Shopping from those sites got a lot more wonderful and exciting through online shopping cashback site ShopBack! Why? Because not only I can get  discounts on top of my purchases, I will also get a portion of what I paid for. So it's a double win! Discount + rebate (as in real money being returned to you and not just points) how can that any more be fantastic?!

ShopBack Philippines gives you cashback rewards for your online shopping! Who wants to pay a premium for advertising when you can save more? ShopBack doesn't, and they don't want you to either. When you shop through them, they get commission from your favorite shops and split this commission with you as cashback. This means that online shopping is made cheaper with ShopBack Philippines. They bring you the latest discount code, discount voucher, and discount coupon for all your online shopping promos. 

How It Works
Shoppers get to earn cash when they shop online through ShopBack. It might sound too good to be true, but it is indeed a legitimate business model which took flight in the West. And now it is here, in The Philippines. The process is simple and transparent. When a shopper makes a successful transaction on any online store that is linked from ShopBack’s platform, the merchant who gains from the purchase will give a commission to ShopBack. Thereafter, ShopBack will return a cut of its commission back to the shopper.

Best part of the deal? Cashback is given to the shopper on top of all existing discounts and credit card rebates, which means that shopper gets to save even more! To retrieve the Cashback, shopper can choose to transfer to either the shopper’s preferred local bank or PayPal account.

Shopback In Three Simple Steps
STEP 1: Take your pick fromover 500 online merchants on ShopBack. After you have created a ShopBack account, you will be able to browse through the site’s wide selection of merchants. Surf and satiate your shopping needs from the various categories – Fashion, Travel, Food & Beverage, Electronics, Lifestyle and others. 

STEP 2: Get redirected to the merchant’s website.  Once you have picked a store, simply click on “Shop now”to be redirected to the store’s official website. From there, just perform your usual shopping ritual and make your purchase on the merchant’s site.

STEP 3: Earn Cashback. Once payment is made on the merchant’s site, your Cashback will automatically be added to your ShopBack account within a few days. Once redeemable, the cash can in turn be “cashed out” via transfer to your local bank or PayPal account.

How awesome is that? You can even get cashback from buying the latest gadgets, travelling, dining out and from your other lifestyle needs! That means you can use the money you get back for other purposes! Yes? Yassss!!! So whether you're looking to get more clothes, more beauty products, more electronics or more gifts, online shopping with ShopBack Philippines is the way to go. What are you waiting for? Start shopping with ShopBack today!

P.s. Hey fellow bloggers! Want to win PHP 10,000 to go shopping at Shopback? Yeah I bet you do! Just write a blog post wish list of items you want to win from Shopback's affiliate merchants! It's that easy! Go checkout this link for full mechanics: www.shopback.ph/blog/post/win-a-wish-from-shopback

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