June 23, 2016

Hard Gel Nail Polish by Kitchenails

Hey loves! Have you ever tried hard gel polish? Well I am ashamed to say that it's only recently that I got the chance to try it. It's been creating a buzz for quite some time now but yeah I am glad that I finally had the chance to try them, thanks to Kitchenails!

Kitchenails is a kitchen/bakery inspired nail salon with branches in Alabang Town Center and Trinoma Mall. I've been going there monthly for my nail care and pampering sesh. I love it there because not only that the place smells so yummy but also because I love how accommodating and professional their nail chefs (technicians) are.

So now it's time to share my experience with you guys. My nail chef for that day is Joyce again hooray! I had the usual pre-service interview for how I want my nails to be done, like if I want my nails cut round or squarish etc etc.

I had to choose from a wide range of colors from their Orly and Gelaze gel nail polish. I chose a turquoise shade: It's Up To Blue from the Orly GelFx collection because it is my favorite color of all time! Reminds me of the shades of the ocean a lot!

First, Joyce soaked my hands in a warm sweet smelling hand soak, then she removed my existing nail polish and cleaned every nail. 
Joyce also cleansed my nails with the Orly GelFx 3-in-1 cleanser to remove dirt and lints. Now, a gel polish binder was applied then the Orly base coat. My nails was subjected to UV light for 3 minutes to cure them.

Next the first coating of gel polish then another 3 minutes baking inside the UV light apparatus. Second coating was applied afterwards then UV light curing again.
Another set of cleaning using the GelFx 3-in-1 cleanser then the Orly top coat then UV light again. The last step of the process is the application of a fragrant oil to prevent dry skin after being subjected to UV light for several times.

That's a lot of steps right? But it was worth the wait! I love how my nails are clean and polished. The color also looks brighter and adorable than the nail colors that I usually get.

Yes, hard gel polish make take a while longer to be applied and cured unlike the usual nail polish. But the advantage is that it doesn’t chip or fade easily and will stay for a month or so. Which is perfect if you want to have nail polish for when you're going on a beach trip since even if they get soaked in water for hours they won’t chip. Or if you're travelling and no chance of getting your mani and pedi retouched. Or if you're attending a special occasion. This is definitely should be your go-to nail polish.

Get your hard gel nail polish at Kitchenails! They have ongoing promos too that you girls might want to try! Visit them at Trinoma and ATC, addresses and contact numbers are listed down below.
Trinoma Branch: Level 3, Trinoma Mall (near Mindanao Ave. parking)
ATC Branch: UG Commerce Ave. Entrance, Alabang Town Center, Muntinlupa City
Contact Number: (02) 815 6350
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