June 15, 2016

Sea, Sand and Beach Wedding Dresses

A beach wedding is actually my dream wedding and if I get to have another wedding I might pursue that dream of mine. That will surely be an ultimate occasion. Thinking about it now, I can already feel a calmness in my spirit. The feeling of walking barefoot on sand, wearing a very flowy and lightweight wedding dress, the waves crushing on the shore as the background music, the warm summer sea breeze hitting my skin and the sunset as the venue backdrop - ahhhh... what a complete euphoria!
A beach wedding can be the most relaxed type of wedding. Everyone can come as they are, the guests can wear the most comfiest clothes, be in their flip-flops or go barefoot if they want to, eat a lot of grilled items and seafood and just have a good freaking time without the pressure of following any standard rule. It'll be the best occasion for both the couple and the guests for sure.

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Speaking of beach weddings, the bride's wedding dress should be also appropriate with the environment. Since most beach weddings happen in the summer, brides should opt for beach wedding dresses that are made of light materials like chiffon, linen, organza or pure cotton. Veer away from satins and other thick cloths for sure.
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When it comes to the length, it doesn't really matter really, you can opt for a short, midi or long dress. Though the sand may get stuck in the folds and creases, I don't think that would not bring any concern at all. 
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As for the silhouette of the beach wedding dress, you can choose your gown either by using an empire cut, mermaid cut or sheath cut. Don't go for the ball gown type or with a huge train. Remember that a beach wedding ain't a formal one, but casual one. 
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I hope these are helpful tips. You can find more of these beach wedding perfect dresses at:  www.modabridal.co.uk

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