December 21, 2016

Gerry's Jeepney - Kapitolyo

In every country there will always be something unique about it. In the Philippines one of the "unique" things that you would encounter is the jeepney. They are known for their crowded seating and quirky decorations, which have become a undeniable symbol of Philippine culture and art.

This is a mode of public transportation which had its roots during the World War II. After the American troops left Philippines at the end of the war, hundreds of surplus Jeeps were sold or given to the Filipinos. The Jeeps were stripped down and altered locally: metal roofs were added for shade; and the vehicles decorated in vibrant colors with chrome-plated ornaments on the sides and hood. The back saloon was reconfigured with two long parallel benches with passengers facing each other to accommodate more passengers.The size, length and passenger capacity has increased as it evolved through the years. *

Gerry's Jeepney adopted this idea as a unique  concept of their restaurant, offering comfort food boodle fight and ala carte style. I was able to visit their second branch in Kapitolyo. You can easily spot it along East Capitol Drive because of it's colorful facade and signages of routes around the metro. 

They have both air conditioned and al-fresco dining areas. For a complete experience we decided to dine in one of the mock jeepneys parked outside. Just like the typical jeepneys the inside and outside of the jeep was decorated colorfully and a couple of signages that will surely make you laugh. 

We ordered the Cubao Boodle Fight and an ala carte Beef Kare-Kare.

Cubao Boodle Fight - Good for 2-4 pax and includes 4 rice (plain/Bagoong/Garlic), 4 Pork BBQ, 1 quarter cut chicken BBQ , 1 grilled fish (bangus/hito/tilapia), 1 ensaladang talong, salted egg, tomatoes, KBL, 4 iced tea and 4 soups. The pork BBQ was not tender. The grilled  chicken and the milk fish were good. I wish they could have used high-quality salted egg made from duck eggs instead of chicken eggs (duck eggs' yolks are orangey and oily while chicken eggs yolks are yellowish and a bit dry). They also did not serve the soups, btw.

Beef Kare-Kare - the peanut sauce was OK and had a good texture. But I prefer a smoother and creamier sauce when it comes to Kare Kare. The shrimp paste that came with it was good. The problem was that there were very few meat that came with it which honestly made it pricey for quantity of the serving.

This place is good if you have balikbayans and foreign family and friends for a good and unique Filipino dining experience. The food for me was just OK. I find their menu prices quite on the steep side for the quality and taste of their dishes. But all in all it was a good time and a good place to bond with friends.

72 East Capitol Dr. Bgy. Kapitolyo
Pasig City, Philippines
Contact No: 4356824

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