December 12, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 6

It's the holiday season, you can already feel it. Every morning I have a hard time getting out of bed because it's so cold I don't want to move any bit of muscle. Taking a bath at dawn is also equally difficult; I always feel like I'm being wrapped in ice every time the cold water comes out of the shower. The change of weather also causes my allergies to flare up. 

Don't get me wrong, I love the holiday season, but I just can't bear the chaos and the traffic that comes with it.  So today, I'm not leaving the house until late this evening, when everyone is on their way home, I'll be on my way off to somewhere. 


Not reading a book at the moment, but I'm thinking of starting "A Company of Heroes" by Marcus Brotherton. I bought this book back in January but haven't got the chance to read it. Maybe I'll start it on my Christmas break. I've got no work for 3 days on Christmas and have no grand plans yet, so if I'm not going anywhere, I'll probably stay in my bed and finish it.

Just like always, this TSC entry and all the articles left to be written for my blog, I have all morning 'til afternoon to do that and I hope I don't get lazy. I also need to make a draft of what I would write for our company newsletter. Can't think of a topic to write about that will interest people at my workplace. Maybe I'll just write something about food or restaurants, which I think, my niche is.  

Starboy by The Weeknd. I've heard it before and not until I saw the Victoria's Secret fashion show earlier this week that I discovered it is The Weeknd who sang it. I love the melody and the beat. I can't effin get off my head how hot Adriana Lima during that segment. Also, I am so in love with Cindy's and Sarah's wings!

About the dream that woke me up super early this morning. It's short-of-a-nightmare-kind-of-dream. I'll try to recount  much of the details of it by writing it down here. So here's the scenario in my dream. I was with a group of my friends, I can't remember which group of friends I was with, college friends, workmates, blogger friends, I can't remember really. So we were all sitting and chilling on an empty outside a warehouse surrounded by trees. I think I've seen or been to a place exactly like it but I can't recall where. It was late in the afternoon, the sun about to set in a few hours, a breeze was blowing, and someone remarked "It's just so nice to just sit here and relax and feel the cool air blowing through our faces and hairs", and I just nodded to express how much I agree while I close my eyes, feel and soak everything in. And then someone broke the quietness and exclaimed "Look, there's a helicopter circling above us", so I opened my eyes and saw it. Then moments later, the helicopters, now there's two of them, started flying lower and lower and landed a couple of  meters near us. We all stood up to check who they were and what's happening. Everything went so fast. Then all of sudden a group of soldier-looking type of people came rappelling down from one of the helicopters with long firearms that resembled like the WWII M1A1 Carbines with foldable handles, but looked ultra modern, almost alien-type and they started firing in the air. After which, a group of women that looked like Victoria's Secret models sporting uniform short hairs carrying the same firearms came out of the helicopters (the helicopters were Chinooks but they looked like they're from the future, imagine the ones you would normally see on sci-fi movies). They started walking towards us, looking ready to assault. We all panicked and run towards the warehouse. I started looking and shouting for my youngest brother. In my dream he is still a little boy of 4-5 years old. When I finally found him, I told him to go and hide inside the hiding room we have talked about before, so he did, as if we were expecting something like this to happen. Then one of my friends started handing out rifles (ours was the vintage types). A male friend calmed me down while handing me the rifle and then the crossfire started. I woke up. That's one weird dream. I have no idea why I dreamt of that; I haven't seen any war movies, or read any war-related books recently so I'm fascinated as to why that dream happened. I'll try to look up what that dream means. I'm still weirded out, seriously.

The neighbor cooking adobo for their lunch. Gosh...

I am on a beach, feeling the sand under my feet and watching the sun set in the horizon. I miss the beach so much. I need to go, like, very soon. 

That I gain the motivation to go back doing yoga or any physical activity on a regular basis. My life is so sedentary. Yesterday at work, my team mates and I were joking around and I laughed so hard that I started having cramps in my stomach that I had to stop what I'm doing and do some stretching. That is how out-of-shape I am. 

Jeans and chiffon blouse, my usual outfit. Leaving in a bit. 

That I don't have work for 3 days on Christmas! Woot! 

To do some holiday gift shopping, but I'm feeling so lazy. Plus the way to the malls, even on a Sunday, would be so traffic for sure and I don't feel like being around so many people. I'm feeling slightly agoraphobic at the moment. 

A lot of self-discipline. I really, really need to lose weight. I know, I know, I've been saying this so often, and I need to move my lazy ass. My weight is literally see-saw-ing and I got to have the discipline to lose the excess and maintain the ideal weight. More than the aesthetic purposes, I need to take care of my body after all, I've got me diabetes, hypertension and heart problems in my genes from both parents.

A bit confused. The photo describes best what I'm feeling right now. Like seriously. But I know I'm stronger and braver than this. I've used too much of my heart one too many times before. Not this time around. #IceQueen 

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