December 5, 2016

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 5

So I'm back to writing my TSC series after almost a month of entering an unintentional blogging hiatus. I had a lot going on in my life recently that blogging or writing is the least that is on my mind. I'm always too tired and sleepy from everyday's work and most of the time I just go straight to bed when I get home. 

Thus, the pile up of stuff to write about (mostly restaurant reviews though). Good thing that the PR people from those places aren't that particular as to when a blogger needs to post a review. But yeah I am waaayyy past my personal deadline. Also that these past few weekends I've chosen to go out and hang out with friends and officemates; which means I always go home late. Not to forget the tad too many holiday parties that I needed or need to attend. 


I borrowed my officemate's book "Lullabies" by Lang Leav and I finished it in one sitting while in some coffee shop and waiting for Cess last Monday. It's a compilation of poetry with all these #hugot lines. The type of poetry that is big on social media nowadays. I liked it, yes, but it gave me so much feels to the extent that most of it made me sad. Which a feeling I don't want to harbor at the moment. It's the season to be jolly and not the other way around. For.crying.out.loud.

This TSC entry and trying to finish as much blog entries as possible.

Starving by Hailee Steinfield is on repeat on my music player and it's playing while I'm writing this entry. Clara and I were in Tipsy Pig BGC last Sunday and this was playing. I've heard it before but I don't know what's the title or who's the artist. Thank goodness for Clara for telling me the song title and the artist. I looked it up asap, downloaded it (the lyrics too) and it's now permanently added to my waking-up/morning playlist. I like the beat and the lyrics, plus it's Zedd... so yeah... I'll listen to this until I hate music. LOL.

Hmmmm... my mind is all sorts of crazy at the moment and and it's full of mostly nonsense things.

All these Greek food me and my friend are eating. We only planned to have coffee but we both got hungry and while walking around the mall, we passed by Cyma. Both of us haven't eaten here so we agreed to go and try it once and for all. We were not disappointed, everything was good!

Upon a shooting star... O.m.g... I dont have any wish at the moment, well, except to travel more next year.

That my application will be accepted. It's a 50-50 chance but I'll take whatever and if  it doesn't work out there's always plan B. Right? 

I'm out, so I'm a bit dressed up but still casual and comfy. Chiffon top, denim shorts, lace up flats.

This watch I impulsively bought a moment ago. the face of the watch is a world map and the second hand is an airplane. This will be my daily reminder of my travel goals. I don't know if this will even last long because I bought it at a very cheap price and yeah cuz it's cute..

To decorate my place with a rustic beach theme.

To accomplish some goals and to-do's that I have set earlier this year so I can start planning for new goals for the year ahead.

A bit sleepy and dreaming of my bed but sleeping-in this weekend will be such a waste of precious time.

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