May 8, 2017

Design tricks: 5 Awesome DIY Renovation Projects

If you find your current interior décor and design a tad boring, jazz things up over just one weekend with some creative DIY projects. You don’t have to invest a ton of money in renovation projects that take a lot of time to complete, when there’s plenty that you can do on your own. You never know what you can do when you try. Check out the following ideas to get some inspiration for your quick, easy, yet meaningful projects.

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1. DIY wall art
There’s basically no limit to what you can create when it comes to DIY wall art. If you want to stick to the minimalist trend, one statement painting that you can paint yourself with watercolors may be the right choice for you. Using cardboard and decorative washi tape to create patterns can look really expensive, but the process is easy and fun. On the other hand, you can make a wall collage by sticking your favorite photos and printed quotes on the wall in a specific shape. Heart is definitely the most popular shape for this trick. Moreover, you can play with different words and motivational messages and paint them on your walls or paint them on paper using attractive font and hang it on the wall. 

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2. Accent walls
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If DIY wall art is not something you think would lift up the atmosphere in your home enough, the accent wall trend is always there to help. Essentially, you can finish your entire wall design and painting process in less than a day. However, if you’re not that into using paint, self-adhesive wallpaper and faux stone/wood panels can offer enough possibilities to transform the look of your wall as well as your home. If you want to use bright pops of color, make sure they match well with the rest of your room. In case you want to create patterns, make sure they don’t disturb the balance or seem too overbearing for that particular space.

3. Change the furniture layout
You feel as if there’s not enough space for you to walk around freely? Or you’re simply bored with the same thing you see every day? The easiest (well, you will have to use some force) way to transform the look of your place is to simply change the furniture layout. If your sofas and chairs are next to the wall, move them closer to the center. Rearrange your cabinets. If you have wall shelves and can’t remove them, change up the display on them. Move your carpet so that it provides the maximum amount of warmth for your new room layout. And remember – coffee tables don’t have to be placed in the center of the room. You can get a really interesting effect by moving the table around as well. 

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4. Create a true sleep sanctuary
When it comes to wall art and accent walls, you’re not limited to your living room. You can do the same for your bedroom as well. Moreover, your bed offers plenty of options for DIY projects. Essentially, you can have fun creating a personal and unique bed headboard. On the other hand, there are many ways to create your own canopy. If you’re not ready to try something more challenging in your living room, the bedroom is the best place to start. For example, you can decorate your cabinet and wardrobe doors with the decoupage technique or self-adhesive wallpaper. And FYI, you can apply the same trick in your kitchen.

5. A Zen bathroom
Sometimes, the way you feel about your bathroom can affect the way you feel about your entire home. This is because the bathroom truly needs to be relaxing and personal. First things first – no matter what you do to spice up the look of your bathroom won’t make you happy if there are some issues with your water flow and drains. Therefore, before you hop on the DIY train, check the condition of your pipes and call a professional plumber if necessary. Then you can play with different projects. With waterproof metallic spray paint, you can transform the bathroom utilities of your choice. Use an old frame to create a statement mirror. Install new or declutter your old shelves, so that you can use them as a storage option for your HG products and a display for candles and plants. If you can, replace just a couple of random tiles with new patterned ones. This can warm up your bathroom space nicely.

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We all feel trapped in our daily routine sometimes and fail to see just how much we can do with our own power and creativity. Therefore, escape stagnation and get rid of that feeling that there’s always something missing in your home and transform your personal environment. 

Guest Post by: Chloe Taylor

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