May 1, 2017

The Sunday Currently: Vol. 22

Ah what a weekend! Adding to the busy week at work was a busy weekend. I attended food-related events 3 days in a row this weekend. Starting Friday with no sleep (still have work on Friday nights), Saturday with very little sleep and  Sunday with almost reasonable sleep. But it was fun! Foodie meet ups are always fun!

It's May in a couple of seconds and how time flies so fast, the next thing I know it's my already birthday and then the holidays. I don't know if I want time to slow down or go quickly. I want it to slow down because I want to do a lot of things; and then I want it fast forward because I want some things to happen asap. Anyhoo, keeping this short as I'm super sleepy.

Btw, all photos on this TSC entry are from an event I attended earlier with two of my blogger friends. We got invited to the soft opening/launch of Deep Sunsets at Deck at Vask. This is going to be an every Sunday thing at Deck. For those looking for things to do on a Sunday afternoon and just want to chill and have some good food and music. I'm loving this concept because I'm a sucker for sunsets and it's just a chill lounge where you get to hang out and catch up with friends. Check out my IG and IG stories for photos and vids and I'll be writing about it too and posting probably within the week. 


Nothing at the moment, only articles I stumble upon on my Facebook news feed.

This TSC entry very quickly before I hit the sack

To 13 Reasons Why soundtrack.. still.

How to lose some pounds asap

All the food and the drinks that we had earlier at The Deck at Vask during the soft opening of their Deep Sunsets event (this will be a regular every Sunday thing at the Deck at Vask, starts at 4pm until midnight, every Sundays)

That I'm witnessing the beautiful sunset on a beach.. but that'll have to wait 'til the next few weeks.

That it's gonna be sunny until June. I have trips up ahead.

The new romper that Zaful sent me for review. I love it to bits! It's comfy, it fits well and perfect for summer.

That I got do a couple of FMUs this weekend. Btw, FMU stands for foodie meet-ups. Yes.. millenial term.. haha..

To sleep for 24 hours.

To go to work early everyday so I want have to do post-shift OT(Y).

Too tired AF and sleepy AF


p.s. Supposed to have been published earlier but the dang auto publish didn't work again... meh...

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