May 11, 2017

Gabe's HomeGrown Dishes Katipunan

Gone are days when Katipunan was our go-to destination for partying or drinking on weekends. But the food scene in this area never died down. In fact there joints here that have thrived (say, Bannaple for example), as well as some that closed. One of the fairly young players in this area that is aiming to be a neighborhood destination when people want to satisfy their comfort food cravings is Gabe's Homegrown Dishes or simply Gabe's.

Gabe's is quaint little restaurant on the second floor of YDG Building along Katipunan Ave. Quezon City across Ducati. It was named after the owners' first born child. Gabe's offer homegrown dishes and prominent menu entries are local to the town of Malabon where the wife of the owner hails from. 

The space is well lit, with custom-made wood furniture, adorned with wall signage, quirky and vintage decors. It's cozy and inviting, few board games are available on the table by the couch and some other toys both adults and kids can play with. This place is definitely perfect for friends and families. Gabe's also can accommodate small events and gatherings, just shoot them an email for price quotations.

Gabe's menu consists of dishes that will remind you of home cooked meals by mom or grandma and a handful of Pinoy favorites. So here are what we were able to try:

Pinoy Cheese Sticks – as our appetizer, these can serve as snacks and bar food. I like that there's Parmesan cheese sprinkled on top of it for the cheese overload flavor.

Tinumis – Malabon’s version of Dinuguan or Filipino blood stew. I like Dinuguans that are on the sour side because it diminishes the rancidness of the pork innards. Best with rice and lots of it!

Horseylog – for the brave at heart because this is not your usual silog meal as this uses horse meat. Yes you read it right, horse meat. I've tried horse meat before; my late father would visit Malabon  Public Market every now and then for this meat, even though traffic in that area is one of the worst in Metro Manila. From what I can remember it tasted a little fishy, but Gabe's version tasted like beef but only tougher. This dish is very representative of Malabon.

Pancit Malabon – I love Pancit Malabon! This type of noodle is one of my fave. I like that Gabe's isn't heavy on the atsuete or that thing that gives the noodles that orange-y color. Even without that this was super flavorful with generous toppings.

Crunchy Pork Sisig Ni Gabe - a bit on the sweet side but really tasty and crunchy. Another Filipino favorite best taken in with or without rice and with beer. I like that it is not drowning in oil, it had just the right amount of it.

Crab Sandwich – this sandwich was the crowd favorite because this surprised us. The dressing is similar to that of fruit salad dressing which is sweet. But it really went well with the julienned crab sticks and the veggies. I also like that they used toasted white bread with it instead of other types of bread. A must try!

Fried Oreos ala Mode – best for kids and kids at heart. It wasn't oily even though it was deep fried and pairing it with ice cream was awesome.

Halo-Halo – claims to be the best in town with over a dozen of ingredients and I agree! Just take a look at how generous the slices of leche flan and the scoop of ube on those shaved ice. Most halo halos that I've eaten scrimp on the ingredients but not Gabe's. Beyond worth it for its humble price.

Valencia ala Malabon – levelled up turon with banana Saba, ube, monggo beans and langka. I love turon and if it is with ube and langka and throw some ice cream on top of it, oh man give me that! It's my first time to see and eat a turon shaped liked triangle pockets and it is a nice presentation than the usual turon that I get to eat. Perfect warm and cold snack/dessert. Have it plain or add 25 for a scoop of ice cream.

Iced Tea – Gabe's very own house blend iced tea. This was very refreshing.

Lemonade – freshly squeezed lemons no artificial lemon juice which is super nice. My other blogger friend ordered this and loved it. I've also seen a handful of raves about Gabe's real lemonade, this one is the real deal. Yes, "real na real" literally. 

2nd Floor, 219 Katipunan Ave, 
YDG Building, Blue Ridge, Quezon City
Contact Nos: 024392093 / +639321381345

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