May 20, 2018

Cebu 2018 Travel Diary: Ching Hai at Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark

I've visited Cebu three times in the past, but for me it was always only just a jump off point to Bohol or Siargao. I would just usually spend a day or day and a half in the Queen City of the South and I was not really able to experience this vibrant city. Cebu is probably the other city state outside of Luzon that is urbanized and equally progressive as Manila.

Although it is a metropolitan area, what I like about Cebu is that destinations where you can enjoy nature is easily within reach. Mountainous areas like in Busay is just a few minutes away from the city, world-class beach resorts in Mactan Island is just an hour away while Bantayan Island, Moalbal (diving site) and Oslob (whale shark watching) are just a few hours away.

So when I had the opportunity to go on a weekend trip to Cebu, even though it was somewhat unplanned and instantaneous I grabbed it in a heartbeat. Getting to travel early on this year excited me, it’s my first trip of the year, yey! Plus this will be the very first time that I'll get to really experience Cebu. I flew with fellow blogger and friend, Bettina via AirAsia.

After our wonderful and luxurious stay at Bai Hotel we transferred to another equally luxurious and wonderful resort in Mactan Island: Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark. I was excited that I’ll be able to get my feet on sand moreover to enjoy the sea and sun. It will be a shame not to visit a nearby beach; after all Cebu is also well known for its beautiful beaches. Jpark Island Resort & Waterpark, is the only 5 star resort and waterpark in the country that is owned by a local family. The resort rolls out the red carpet for guests in a vibrant sun, sea, and sky setting and boasts as a quality single destination in Cebu. There are a lot of things to do (or not to do anything at all, basically up to you) inside this resort and waterpark. 

Jpark houses 8 restaurant restaurants and bars to satisfy your every food cravings as these 8 dining options offers the world’s most-loved flavors. These are: The Abalone, Ching Hai, Olive, Coral Seaside, Maru, Aqus Pool and Island bars, JLounge and Havana by The Sea. We got to try The Abalone, Ching Hai, Olive, Coral Seaside and Havana by The Sea but I will blog about those restos on separate posts.

After swimming for a bit in one of the many swimming pools inside Jpark, we headed to Ching Hai restaurant, still in our swimming attire just covered with our towels. Ching Hai is one of the restaurants inside the Jpark Resort where you can enjoy authentic Chinese cuisine and savor its finest at Ching Hai. This restaurant offers a sumptuous variety of classical and contemporary Chinese dishes prepared with only the freshest ingredients in an open showcase kitchen. Ching Hai, which is open for lunch and dinner, also serves a wide selection of traditional Chinese liquors and spirits. It can seat up to 100 guests.

We were fortunate enough to meet Chef Kenny Yong Tze Hin, a Malaysian-Chinese and the head chef of Ching Hai. He also personally cooked for us and explained every dish being served. Chef Kenny said there are normally two types of cuisine at Ching Hai, dishes with Korean or Chinese flavors. He has modified his Chinese offerings a little for Filipinos, especially those of Chinese descent, since they like their food to be a little bit sweet.

Ching Hai carries around 60 items in the menu but Chef Kenny actually has over 200 available offerings. If guests want to order off-menu items, they have to inform him two hours beforehand so he can prepare their selection. Chef Kenny also said Ching Hai dishes are made with only the freshest and choicest ingredients. Korean food, for example, is prepared using imported ingredients from Korea in deference to the taste preference of the resort’s highest number of foreign guests.

We were ushered in one of the private dining rooms inside Ching Hai where the table was already set up with side dishes/appetizers and a warm tea to get our appetite going. 

Reminiscencia Cantonese Style Dim Sum Combination Platter 
- This platter contained Prawn Dumpling, Siomai with Crab Roe, Shanghai Dumpling Served With Shredded Ginger and a Crispy Bean Curd Roll. Each was delicious but my favorite was the Prawn Dumpling or hakaw as it was heavenly. the shrimp was plump and fresh and the dumpling wrapper is super soft and silky. I also like the xiao long bao style one, the soup inside was warm and savoury. Also, the Crispy Bean Curd Roll should also be given some rave. I am not usually a fan of kikiam as I don't really like the taste, but this one is an exception. This one didn't have that usual taste that I don't like, it was nothing like that only a good seafood flavor.

Roasted Crispy Szechuan Peking Duck Serve With Bao
- Chef Kenny told us that the Peking duck was marinated for 12 hours in Chinese wine, steamed and then fried. This is probably why the duck meat has a tender pulled meat and has wonderfully crispy skins. The Bao or bun on the other hand, had milk thus giving out this fluffy, snowy, white pillows. 

Braised Supreme Sea Treasure (Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Scallop, Fish Maw, Bailing Mushroom), Sautéed Fresh Lobster in Kongpo Style Served In Crispy Taro Ring, Ching Hai Famous Fried Rice 
- Braised Supreme Sea Treasure is a Chinese soup/stew contains sea cucumber, abalone, scallop, fish maw, bai ling mushroom. It’s no surprise to see a seafood soup in a Chinese restaurant menu. This one from Ching Hai completely captured the flavors of the sea with a familiar Chinese flare. The soup contained one piece of each of the ingredients, you would think the serving is not enough, but you know what, each piece is huge and each was meant to be eaten slowly and enjoy every moment and every bite. I particularly enjoyed eating the Sautéed Fresh Lobster in Kongpo Style Served In Crispy Taro Ring. I love kung po or cung pao as this is a quite spicy stir-fried dish that I always order whenever I’m in a Chinese resto. This version is a little less spicy and on the salty side and yet also has that sweet and slightly tangy sauce. Being a stir fried this also had that smoky flavor to it that I really like. The crispy taro ring was also delightful and fun to eat. Ching Hai Famous Fried Rice is a flavorful, smoky and well-seasoned rice that greatly complemented the two other dishes. 

 Sautéed Fresh Lobster in Kongpo Style Served In Crispy Taro Ring

Braised Supreme Sea Treasure (Sea Cucumber, Abalone, Scallop, Fish Maw, Bailing Mushroom)

Ching Hai Famous Fried Rice

Chilled Mango with Peach Gum Efficacy
- To finish off our superb late lunch, Chef Kenny presented us with this dessert complete with an explanation of the things that in it. It is presented with generous servings of fresh mango puree (Cebu is also well known for its sweet and world-class mangoes) and bits of peach gum efficacy. Peach gum efficacy is a nourishing and collagen booster dessert. It is rich in collagen for beautiful skin, wrinkle free, cleanses blood and clears acne and prevent urinary tract infections with regular consumption. Once cook, its jelly-like stuff texture is soft and tasteless. It was a mixture of sweet and tangy flavor and the peach gum efficacy was a healthy and fun alternate to the usual sago that this dessert usually comes with. 

G/F Building E, Jpark Island Island Resort & Waterpark
M.L. Quezon Highway, Brgy.Maribago
Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu, Philippines
Contact Nos: +6332.494.5000

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