May 17, 2018

Hair Extensions Care Tips

Hair extensions are very popular nowadays among fashion-beauty lovers and celebrities. I would say they are an investment especially if one bought or had real human hair extensions applied on them. There are many steps that you should initially consider to determine what type, quality or brand of hair weave that you decided is best for you. You can go to the parlor and request for the method to be done into your hair but of course, you need to know what maintenance care you will do after application. After all, you shed a good amount of cash for it, and you don’t want to go wasting your money and not enjoying their full benefits and for a great amount of time.

Hair extensions can make you look good and stylish especially if you have chosen the right volume and length. So most women go for the natural one instead of the synthetics. A popular type is the Brazilian hair extensions. Since they are natural they are more beautiful to look at because it is human hair and it will easily fit to your type of crowning glory. They can last long because you can do some treatment on it as you like. You can color it, iron it or curl it and it won’t damage easily compared to synthetics.

Care for hair extensions must be done because you want them to last and stay pretty. So here are some of the things that you can do to keep them pristine:

We all know that feeling clean and fresh is the best thing in the world. It also says a lot about one’s hygiene and health and your hair is one of the things that can state the condition of those things. So if you have hair extensions on, you should also always have to keep them clean. If your hair extensions are removable, you could shampoo them by bundles to ensure every bunch gets washed thoroughly and equally. If they are not removable gently work the shampoo into the hair with your fingers with light strokes to avoid tangling them. You could also use dry shampoo but not for longer times as they don’t really meticulously clean your hair. It is best to use mild shampoo or those organic ones.

Like your own hair, hair extensions especially the ones made of human hair needs extra care and conditioners and deep treatments give that to your hair. Take a generous amount of conditioner or hair treatment and apply on each bundle from top to bottom, massaging the product thoroughly into the hair. It is recommended to leave it on for at least a couple of minutes. I’ve read from somewhere that you could even leave your hair extensions soaked in conditioner for overnight if they are removable. Just make sure to rinse them well to remove the residues and prevent clumping or getting too oily-looking.

I’ve said many times before that you can style your hair extensions the way you want to, but when it comes to drying them, like your own hair and if you want your hair extensions to lasts you months or even years, it is best that you air dry them. Yes, you could use hair dryer but do this very seldom. By the way, don’t forget to towel dry them first before laying the bundles to air dry.

To prevent your hair extensions from tangling, comb them gently with wide tooth comb or brush with natural bristles. You could also purchase a detangling hair brush which will allow you to brush your hair without pulling at your extensions and damaging them. And remember, you should never brush your extensions while they are wet (same with your own hair right?)

Once you are done wearing your hair extensions, before storing them, it’s always a good idea to ensure that they are free from tangles, as well as being nice and clean. Also make sure that they are completely dry before putting them away to prevent mildew and mustiness. You can buy some of those hair extensions storage bags as well. 

Using and maintaining quality hair extensions will require some time, effort and probably a lot of cash, but you do the same thing for your own hair right? Hair extensions should be treated just like your own hair, after all it is part of your crowning glory. By the way, if you’re thinking of getting hair extensions, you can find high-quality hair extensions at Rebeccafashion

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