May 10, 2018

Treat Yourself to the Luxury You Deserve

If you love your home but have a feeling that it’s not giving you all the luxury and comfort you deserve, you’re in luck! You don’t have to relocate or build huge additions. Only a few luxurious upgrades will give you all the pampering and coziness you deserve! 

Brighten up your life  
No matter how well it’s designed and decorated, a poorly lit home will never look luxurious and feel comfortable and cozy. So, make sure to let plenty of sunshine in with large windows. However, while windows work amazingly well in the marginal rooms, they do nothing for the interior rooms, hallways and closets. Luckily, there are big skylights and skydomes that can bring natural light even to the darkest of nooks and crannies of your home. They are also a great way to provide additional ventilation. Some skylights also come with motorized shades, bug screens and rain sensors, so you never have to worry about too much sunlight or bad weather. 

Let tech take care of you  
If you can’t imagine your life without your smartphone and computer, you’ll love to live in a home that is full of useful and fun tech that will make your days and nights easier, more organized and practical. There are smart thermostats that help you maintain optimal interior temperature, learn your habits and preferences and keep your energy bill at a minimum. You can also invest in smart locks and security systems that will make you feel safe and comfy in your home. Or even get smart bulbs that will great you with ample illumination every time you come home! 

Pamper yourself  
Sometimes, all you need is a long and relaxing pampering treatment that doesn’t involve booking an expensive and crowded visit to the spa. Relaxing in the privacy of your home is one of the ultimate luxuries you can have. Luckily, there are affordable and practical ways to create a luxury spa right in your backyard! These spa models come in all sizes, shapes and colors and with various additions that will provide you with the best relaxing experience money can buy! 

Fire it up! 
If you love a good BBQ, especially when you can prepare it yourself and enjoy it outdoors, then you must upgrade your backyard with an outdoor kitchen. This addition is perfect for big families and people who love to entertain and serve their guests fresh, homemade food! The ultimate lux outdoor kitchen contains a big grill (some models even come with a smoker), plenty of food prep space, a bar with comfy seating and a fridge to keep your food fresh and drinks cold. You’ll definitely enjoy many sunny days outdoors with your loved ones and create beautiful memories that are often the biggest luxury of life!


Dress like a movie star
If you feel like your bellowed clothes and shoes aren’t getting the treatment they deserve, provide them with a spacious and beautiful home—a private dressing room! Actually, it’s a sin to hide your Louboutins in a simple shoe box or store you Hugo Boss suit in a dark closet. So, treat your clothes with lux accommodation and yourself with a movie star dressing room that will ensure you always look you best. And, don’t hesitate to go big! Think cedar, mobile hanging rods and shoe racks, and custom jewelry drawers with a safety password. Finish up with a big, well-lit mirror and a vanity for perfumes and makeup! 

Boost comfort  
If you’re always dreading stepping out of the shower in the winter, you can install electric radiant floors and give your feet a warm surprise. These heated floors work amazingly well on tiles and stone floors and will not disturb your aesthetics to the least! For additional warmth and comfort, you can even install towel heaters. The best thing about these is that you can also warm up your slippers and bathrobes and enjoy ultimate coziness after your relaxing shower! 

These lux home upgrades will make your home look like a 10 million dollar mansion and you’ll feel like you’re finally getting the lux treatment you deserve! 

Guest Post by: Will Sandford

Will Sandford is a Sydney based wood architect, blogger and contributor on interior design and ecology blogs. Besides that, he is also interested in home improvement combined with green technology. In his spare time, Will enjoys surfing and rock climbing. He is also a regular contributor to SmoothDecorator. Connect with him on Twitter.

Thanks a lot for this article Will!
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