April 15, 2022

Buying Real Estate Properties: An Investment or a Waste?

The COVID-19 pandemic is a proof that nothing in life is permanent. We could never be sure of what tomorrow might bring. Another pandemic, the growing deterioration of our environment, natural disasters, a global catastrophe – all of these could affect and alter our way of living. This makes me wonder, is it still worth it to buy properties, knowing all too well that things might abruptly change in a blink of an eye? 


Indeed, our living situations have become more complicated this time. However, an asset is still an asset. According to CitiGlobal, real estate may come in the form of condominiums, condotels, apartments, residences and townhouses. Depending on the location, this type of asset could appreciate tenfold over time. More so, in a general sense, apart from the likely monetary gains amounting from the investment, having your own crib has a lot of pros. 


Having your own place could grant you the privacy that you need. Because you are in your own safe space, no one could look into your plans, agendas and current activities. You could also experience independence by fending off for yourself as you live alone. This, of course, includes cooking, cleaning, doing the laundry and whatnot on your own – all of which could help you attain maturity.

The situation is currently relaxing and things are starting to get back to normal. In fact, in a research done by Janlo de los Reyes, the vacancy rate of residential condominiums have already decreased from 6.8% to 5.1%. Housing is a basic need and now that restrictions are already being lifted, it is a practical move to look into various housing opportunities and get your own home. Owning a residential space is much better than renting one, especially if you’re looking into settling down in one place. Additionally, you could also maximize the area in any way you see fit, as it is your own. Dedicate a room for entertainment, get a mini office, have a space where you can paint or shoot vlogs, etc. – you could turn your own place however you want it to be. 


Whether you’re just starting your first job or looking into settling down and having your own family, getting into real estate is the key to your financial independence. If you’re worrying that you won’t have enough budget to turn this goal into reality, then a mortgage calculator is your friend!


Manage your finances every pay, estimate affordability and find the mortgage that best fit for you without hassle. Take your first step to financial independence by opening the doors to your new home!

To reiterate monetary gain previously said, real estate is one good investment opportunity. As said, the value of this asset increases over time, so should you migrate to other places, you won’t result to a loss in selling your property. Furthermore, spending on getting your own house is better than spending for rent because the property will be under your name. You could live in it for as long as you want and you could also pass the ownership to generations to come. However the case, you won’t ever regret getting your own real estate. 

They say, “We shape our homes then our homes shape us.” Start moulding yourself and your life by getting one today!

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