April 26, 2022

Useful Small Bathroom Remodeling Ideas

Bathrooms are some of the most-used rooms in any house, so making them practical, efficient and beautiful should be your priority. These rooms are not only supposed to be functional but also relaxing and ready to satisfy all your pampering needs. So how can you turn your tiny bathroom into a beautiful spa? Here are a few bathroom remodeling ideas to consider:


Choose a light color palette
One of the first things remodelers usually do is consider a new color palette. In general, the thing that works best for small spaces is a lighter palette that opens up the space and makes it look bigger. Shades of whites, earthy neutrals and grays usually reflect the light better and create an illusion of openness, especially for awkward spaces and narrow corners and layouts. So you can basically forget about those dark corners and corridors! Only if you’re adventurous can you go for bold color combos.

Create zones
No matter how tiny the space is, it can be made bigger with smart zoning solutions. Define different zones in your bathroom using wall paneling and tiles to distinguish different areas and make them seem more separate even when they are right next to one another.

Maximize space with floating fixtures and storage
If you’re planning to change your counter or vanity, make sure to opt for a mounted solution that will leave extra floor space free beneath. This extra space will create an illusion of more room and prevent overcrowding. The best vanity solution for most households is a model with plenty of towel and toiletry storage and a washbasin on top—it’s minimalist and elegant.


Don’t neglect functional repairs
You might be eager to invest all your money and time into aesthetic solutions, but don’t neglect bathroom repairs, especially when it comes to plumbing. No matter how small, your bathroom should be functional, so ensure all your layout needs are taken care of and all the fixtures are working properly. If you had some drainage issues in the past, like many people in Australia experience every day, especially Sydney siders, call pros to remove your issues. It’s easy to find experts who will handle your blocked drains in Sydney and ensure fast and odorless flow of water. This improvement can make the biggest difference in the comfort and usability of your small bathroom.

Choose freestanding storage
Your limited space shouldn’t prevent you from adding various storage solutions. All the bathrooms on the smaller side can benefit from freestanding furniture that can be moved around or removed completely in seconds. For instance, a simple stool can be used for open storage and bathroom seating and you can take it out whenever you like.


Open up the space with mirrors
This is an old interior designer tip that still works like a charm: if you want to make a space feel larger, add mirrors. Use the space over your bathroom basin to hang a large mirror that will reflect light and open up a whole new dimension in your bathroom. If you go big and bold and make a real statement with your mirror, you’ll be surprised by the results.

Utilize wasted space
Designers often get asked to make the most out of small bathrooms, and something they often recommend to their clients is elevating their radiators. By taking out a bulky low-sitting radiator and replacing it with a slim wall radiator or heated towel rails, you can use that empty space above your bath or toilet. This move opens up new design possibilities and boosts the usability of your small bathroom.

Just because your bathroom lacks square footage, it doesn’t mean you can’t make it look elegant and functional. Use these ideas above and transform your small and stuffy bathroom into a cozy and airy self-care space.

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