April 1, 2022

Long Bridesmaid Dresses in Pantone’s Colors of 2022

Are you fan of K-Drama? Have you heard that Crash Landing on You couple and South Korean entertainment royalties Son Ye-jin and Hyun Bin tied the knot recently? Gosh they look so happy, and their wedding looked so gorgeous! I wonder though if South Korean weddings are like Western wedding where there is a bridal entourage; because I just saw some of Ye-jin and Hyun Bin’s wedding photos, I can’t spot any groomsmen or bridesmaids. I wish though that they’ll share a life full of happiness and love. 


Anyway, since everything is going back to normal again, I suppose full-scale weddings will be allowed once again. Although in some parts of the world, wedding season is in June (because it’s the summer season), in some parts of the world especially in the tropics, the influx of weddings starts February or March since Summer starts around here this early. 

Summer weddings are the best for places that lies on and near the equator since during June, it is typically the rainy season, and no one wants rain on their wedding, right? And that limits your options for wedding venues. Unlike in sunnier weather you can opt for a beach or garden weddings, I am ok with indoor weddings but in my opinion the formers are nicer wedding set ups. 


Since there’s typically one color for the bride’s bridal gown (of course it’s white or off-white), the dilemma now comes with what color motif to choose for the wedding, especially for what the bridesmaids’ dresses’ color should be. The bride and groom can use or combine their favorite colors. But the easier choice to make is to choose the Pantone color of the year. 

For 2022, there are actually 2 colors that were chosen as the colors of the year: Very Peri and Granite Green. Very Peri is from the blue color family and has some violet-red undertone. While the Granite Green is a representation of a new beginning after what we all have endured in the past two years. The Granite Green actually is a balancing nature-inspired color palette to the Veri Peri. Long bridesmaid dresses in these Pantone colors of the year are just perfect for any Spring or Summer weddings, if I can say so myself.


Any silhouette or fabrics will also work great for both these colors. They are also perfect for beach or garden weddings and pretty sure the dresses featured here from AWbridal can be used by bridesmaids after the wedding to other occasions. You can click on each photos to check them out!


What do you think of these colors and these dresses? Are these dresses something you would wear too or your bridesmaids would love?

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